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Tropical EDGE + Shaker Bundle

$59.99 $69.98

The bundle on every Ambitious® Entrepreneur's wish list this summer.

You have big dreams, goals and ambitions for your business, but if you don't have the energy, the focus and the mindset to do the work necessary to make them come true...

...well then you aren't going to get the results, outcomes, fame and fortune that you are seeking.

That's why you need an EDGE. And this bundle is the best place to start to get that EDGE.

First we start with a 30-day supply of our new Tropical Flavor of Ambitious® EDGE, with just enough sweetness coming from the natural peach-mango flavor combination.

Then you can shake it up for the perfect mid-day blend in our new Black Ambitious® Blender Bottle.

All you need to add now is the ice and the water and you will be well on your way towards having the best summer ever.

This bundle retails for $69.98, but you can grab this bundle for only $49.99 while supplies last.