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Ambitious Video Planner

$14.99 $19.99

Plan Out Your Social Media Videos And Be Camera Ready In Just Minutes

**Over 5,500 Copies Sold**

"The Ambitious Video Planner is exactly what I needed. I know I should be filming video all the time for our business, but I never knew what to say or how to say it. Greg, your planner was perfect to help me get started creating videos."
-Brett Burky,

"The amazing, Greg Rollett, has created a tremendous resource for people looking to take their video creation game to the next level with The Ambition Video Planner. Think of it as journal prompts for your video strategy. I've already started using it... and love it. There is a reason I had Greg as a speaker at Elevate, dude knows video and this planner is his way of giving back. I highly encourage you to pick up your Ambitious Video Planner from Greg. BTW, this NOT a paid promotion. I just love Greg's work and believe in his ability to help people and businesses working to make video more a part of their marketing and audience building strategy."
-Ryan Hanley Speaker, Author, Video Creator

The Ambitious Video Planner is the result of creating thousands of my own videos over the past decade and helping my ambitious clients like you to create more than 1,000 videos every single month.

These are videos that have been seen millions of times and more importantly have resulted in millions of dollars in sales, commissions and new clients. And today you can get a copy shipped to your home for less than $20!

For just a few bucks, you'll now hold in your hands something that you will use every single time you go to film a video. Whether that's a content video for Facebook or YouTube, a LiveSteram to your community, a quick Facebook ad video for your book, course or webinar, content videos for courses or training - any type of video can plug and play into this video planner that we have created for you.

"I mapped my first video out in less than 2 minutes... Here's how it happened... I got this video planner this afternoon and OF COURSE, I would happen to have a scratchy voice from traveling so no shooting today. Suffice it to say, this is as easy as it gets to map out videos. Not just that, the answers BECOME your video outline. It really is that simple.

Greg's simplified it to such a point that even if you are scared to be on camera or you're polished like a pro speaker...this will help you. Get it...I love it. I've been looking for something like this for years to speed up my video production. Thanks dude!"
-Brad Spencer, The Leverage Show


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