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Why We Never Finish That Big Project

Why We Never Finish That Big Project

Have you ever stared at your growing lists of projects and wonder when you are ever going to get them all done?

As I am writing this my list feels like it's 5 miles long right now. And its growing by the minute.

This Friday we are releasing our first product in our Ambitious Performance Line. We are also finalizing a second flavor and a second product, a brain awakening coffee creamer), while still running our programs, selling hundreds of video planners every week and creating more than 600 Snackable videos for clients every single month.

The list to get all that done, create the new, build out brand new sales funnels, sales videos, ads, figure out shipping and logistics, manage client shoots, editing a documentary and more is enough to drive me batty.

Some days I feel like I ended the day with almost nothing accomplished.

Other days I feel as if I checked off 100 micro tasks but feel no closer to the finish line.

And I know that I am not alone.

I hear from entrepreneurs and business owners all the time about a new website they have been working on for months.

Or an idea they’ve had for a book or podcast or video series for years.

Or that course you’ve been trying to launch for weeks.

Or that business you’ve been meaning to get off the ground.

I do think there is a big difference between a growing to do list that expands as your ambitions do, and having open projects that never seem to get done.

That difference has to do with defining your ambitions, and having the drive to do whatever it takes to get there...

...and just kinda wanting something.

It’s the difference between:

”I have to create this product/program/podcast because the mission is so important that if I don’t do it and launch it people lives won’t get better.”


”Having a podcast or an online course would be cool and I’d like to make a little extra cash.”

Which one do you think will get off the ground and which will still be something you’ll be talking about at Thanksgiving dinner for the next few years until you move onto the next thing?

Simple right.

Well, the reason you aren’t getting your big rocks accomplish is that it’s not tied to a never-ending ambition that drives and fuels you.

An ambition that keeps you up and night and pops you out of bed in the morning.

An ambition that must move forward with intense discipline even on the days and moments when all you feel like doing it sitting on the couch with some Doritos and watching football.

The easiest way to tell if you have that ambition is simple...

Look at your calendar. Look at everything you DID over the past 7 days. 14 days. 30 days.

When you look at your calendar, ask this question:

”Do My Actions Match My Ambitions?”

If your actions match your ambitions and you are not moving forward, it’s time to change your strategy or your tactics.

If your actions DO NOT match your ambitions, it’s time to get real with yourself and see what you really want. To question if you even want what you say you want.

Life is too short to be building a dream that isn’t even yours. A dream that looked or seemed cool at the time.

Do it because you CAN’T NOT do it.

Do it because if you don’t do it you are robbing yourself and your community out of something special. Something game-changing.

That is how you launch a course in a weekend.

That is how you get your Podcast on iTunes this afternoon and not next quarter.

That is how you you wake up everyday for the next 60 days, write 500 words per day and publish your book.

That is how you double your business in 30 days.

That is how all of your dreams, goals and ambitions come to life.

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