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What Happens When All You Can Do Is Stare At The Screen

What Happens When All You Can Do Is Stare At The Screen

It's Friday afternoon.

I've got 100 things to do today.

My to-do list is growing, not shrinking and all I can do today is sit in my analytics account and my inbox and wait for them to refresh.

Not the kind of thing you'd expect from someone who preaches to create, create, create.

But it happens.

And it's likely that by 5pm this afternoon my to-do list won't move all that much, if at all.

I bet you've had days like that. Heck, you might be having one now.

It's easy to say that we need to be motivated or have a Big Goal or something to push us.

I think it's more complicated than that....

I believe you do, as do I, have a mission and a goal and an ambition worth fighting for.

Maybe we even have it on a post-it note on our desk or a giant vision board on the wall.

Mine is in a file in Evernote that I read every morning before the kids get up. Every. Single. Morning.

So even with this ambition worth fighting for, why am I not fighting for it today...?

I think it has to do more with our biology and environment than motivation (and I believe that motivation comes from motion - which is why I am forcing myself to write this email to you today - to get into motion).

Here's what I mean by biology & environment:

1. According to my Whoop Band (my favorite piece of biohacking tech), I only got 74% of the sleep I needed last night. It also says that I am only 33% recovered and ready to take on the day. This is based on all kinds of heart rate data.

The sleep could be the fact that my 2-year old caught the sniffles and was up from 2:30am-5am.

2. That caused a chain reaction where I didn't go to the gym this morning. Getting an early morning assault at the gym is usually the single biggest positive factor that gets my day started and pushes me into a state of motivation, flow and a giant sense of accomplishment.

3. The chain reaction continued with multiple cups of coffee to deal with the grogginess of being up all night and still needing to get up early to get the little people ready for school on time.

4. It's 40 degrees out in Orlando today. Plus is dreary and cloudy and the room I am working in needs great sunlight to give it life.

5. I had no calls or appointments on the calendar (intentionally). But having meetings and talking to smart people gets me fired up.

So you mix a lack of sleep, excess coffee, no exercise and moving my body, cold and dark work room and lack of human interaction and you get a virtually unproductive day.

All of that is biology and environment.

And you and I can control all of that (along with the food you eat that either gives you energy or zaps it away).

Sadly, most of us don't.

We just get up and go.

We don't put thought into the things that make a profound impact on the happiness and value of our lives.

It's easy to blame.

It's easy to think this stuff is only for "them" (whoever them is).

It's harder to do the thing you need to do, that must get done - when you don't want to or feel like doing it.

I don't feel like this writing this message.

I don't feel like writing copy and scripts and editing sales page all afternoon.

I feel like pushing Ashton on the swings.

I feel like getting in the car and getting a Starbucks and driving around listening to Podcasts instead of doing anything meaningful.

I feel like watching the first episode of WandaVision, the new Marvel TV show that came out today on Disney+.

But none of these things get me closer to my goals.

So how do I "awaken my ambitions" when I don't feel like it?

Well, that is what I am going to save for next time.

For now, leave a comment and tell me the #1 Ambition you want to Awaken.

Doesn't matter what it is, how big or small.

What ambition is burning deep down in your soul that has to get done this year?

Leave a comment and let me know...

Stay ambitious,

Greg Rollett

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