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The 2 Words That Breed Success: Constancy & Consistency

The 2 Words That Breed Success: Constancy & Consistency
By my own standards I’ve had an off week.

Just one of those weeks where things fall apart.

I started to get a cold on Tuesday and knocked me out Wednesday and Thursday. I must have known it was coming because even before it came on I blocked off Thursday in my calendar for a “Greg day.”

I suggest you schedule a “YOU day” in your calendar at least once a month.

A day to think. To read. To plan. To do something fun. Or just to goof off.

It will give you something to work for and a way to combat burnout before it fully sets in.

But that’s not the 2 words I wanted to share with you today.

The 2 words that breed success are 2 words that will lake any effort, any goal or any ambition come to life. Almost guaranteed.

They operate outside of tactics. Outside of the flavor of the week.

They have to do with the basics and the fundamentals. Which in today’s shiny world of Facebook and Instagram Ads will never get the clicks they deserve.

It’s not whiz bang. It’s not new.

The 2 words that breed success are...


A few years ago I even made posters with that saying and they sold out almost instantly.

These are the 2 things that will determine your success more than anything else.

If you can just “show up” to your audience constantly and consistently, good things happen.

Heck even Woody Allen said that “80% of success is showing up.”

I just want you to show up MORE OFTEN.

However, when you disappear and wait for things to happen, things tend to not happen.

This means you should constantly be creating content. Being in front of your audience with ads. Sending emails. Making offers.

If all you did was that, you’d likely never have to worry about getting new clients again.

Sadly, most business owners do not operate that way.

They plan and they plan, they wait and they wait. Never executing.

Or, they execute once, get good results and forget to execute again.

I was talking to a coaching client yesterday who was telling me about a recent successful campaign he ran that made him a bunch of money.

I asked when he was going to run it again.

He hesitated. I told him to que it up for Monday.

You must constantly put yourself in front of your audience.

Consistently make offers.

Do that and you will live a very, very ambitious life.

Oh, and speaking of constancy and consistency...

...I am going to constantly tell you that if you are a business owner, expert or professional who relies on their brain to get clients and help clients, you need to consistently feed your brain with things that make it stronger, give you energy and allow you to focus on the things that matter.

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Here’s to your ambitions.

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