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Sir Richard Branson's Definition Of Ambition

Sir Richard Branson's Definition Of Ambition

Back in the summer of 2015 I had just spent the equivalent of a fully loaded SUV to buy

To launch the site, we reached out to some people in our network to help us out.

One of the requests we sent out was for these influencers, experts and world leaders to tell us their definition of Ambition.

We wanted to show people that ambition is a good thing.

That having ambition was not selfish, but rather selfless. That being ambitious was about making the world a better place for tomorrow.

My favorite response came from one of the biggest icons in entrepreneurship. A guy who defied all odds, over and over again. From the music industry to airlines.

Sir Richard Branson.

We sent him an email and waited.

And waited.

Then a few days later we got an email from his rep. We figured it was a rejection letter and that Sir Richard was too busy for us.

Turns out he wasn't.

In fact, he wrote the best response to the question, "what is your definition of ambition."

Here's what he told us...

“A world without ambition would be a world without progress. Ambition means taking risks and having dreams, but it also means having a purpose. There is no point being ambitious unless you have a desire to create real change.

Thankfully, the stronger the purpose behind your ambition, the more likely it is to come true. I believe in changing business for good – there is no stronger ambition than that.”


I mean can you get any more inspirational than that.

If this doesn't make you want to run through a wall to bring your ambitions to life I'm not sure what will.

I also love what he says about purpose.

We can't just do things for the money. We need for it to have purpose. Purpose for ourselves, for our clients, for our community.

The greater the purpose, the more likely it is for our ambitions to come true.

Over the next few days we are going to take a lot about ambitions...

...and making them come true.

I feel like the #1 reason more entrepreneurs and business owners don't achieve their goals and ambitions is because their actions don't match their ambitions.

They aren't congruent with what they say, and what they do. Most likely because your ambition isn't attached to a purpose, as Sir Richard Branson has told us.

My purpose is to fix that.

To help ambitious entrepreneurs like you to do more and to be more. To live more ambitiously. To stop living in regret and start living a life that is challenging, fulfilling and purposeful.

Next week we are launching our most ambitious project to date.

The Ambitious® 30-Day Challenge.

Where we are going to help 100 people to do more in the next 30 days than most people will do all year.

Now, there's nothing for you to buy today or enroll in.

In fact, all I want to do is hook you up with 2 really cool things.

You see, next week when we open the doors, we will only be releasing 100 of our 30-Day Challenge Kits. I suspect they will go fast - especially with the insane offer my team and I are putting together.

And I want you to hop to the front of the line (and get hooked up to do so).

I just put up a page to join the Early Bird List.

When you join I am going to give you 2 of my favorite trainings for free.

The first is based around the 9 VELOCITY Principles.

These are the 9 things you can start using today to achieve all of your goals at Warp Speed. It Is one of my most popular trainings and the one that I have received the most impactful feedback about. It's perfect for you if you keep putting off a project that you know will be a big impact in your business or your life. It will show you how to get it done now.

The second is a training I did with my mentor Craig Ballantyne all about Vision & Values and how to use them to achieve your 10 year goals THIS year.

I think you are going to love both of these trainings that are yours for free, to watch on demand.

All you have to do is join the 30-Day Challenge Early Bird List here.

And then all week, keep opening these emails to get more free training, free access and prizes as we open the doors to the Ambitious® 30-Day Challenge!

Stay ambitious!

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