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Limitless Dreaming Vs. Pushing Yourself To The Limit

Limitless Dreaming Vs. Pushing Yourself To The Limit

I'm a big believer in dreaming big.

In crafting a vision for your business and your life that is much grander and much more ambitious than it may look today.

I believe that your capabilities and possibilities are limitless.

But here's the issue...

...most people are just dreaming. Dreaming about a better future. A better business. A better life.

And their daily actions and hindering any possibility of creating the future they dream about.

What I want you to focus on today is pushing yourself to your limit.

To going all in.

You've heard that said millions of times before.

"Play all in."
"Give it your all."

But what does that really mean and how can you push yourself to the limit each and every day?

Let's start by talking about 7-8 year old little leaguers...

One thing I tell my son and all the players is that you don't want to go home and say, "I wish I ran harder."

"I wish I dove for that ball instead of letting it drop in front of me."
"I wish I had swung at that pitch instead of letting it go into the catcher's mitt."

The same is true in your business. To push yourself to the limit every day, establish rules for your work day...

 Two rules I learned very early on from one of my mentors, Dan Kennedy are 2 rules I wish for you to explore today.

1. Never leave the office without making at least 1 offer or solicitation to get new business.

This one is important. We are in business to make money. To generate sales. And if you go an entire day without making an offer, well then you didn't really do anything to move your business forward in the only metric that really matters.

2. Produce one piece of content every single day.

A video. An article. A report. An interview. A position piece. A story. An ad.
If you are not producing content for your business, you are not doing what's necessary to get your story, your message, your programs and your value into the hands of people that need it.

At the end of the day, today and everyday, I want you to ask yourself this question...


Stop dreaming and start doing. That is how you live a limitless (and ambitious) life.

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