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Did You Get To Do What You "Felt Like" Doing Today?

Did You Get To Do What You "Felt Like" Doing Today?

In our businesses, some days we get to do exactly what we like to do. 

Whether that's the marketing, putting a big deal together, working 1-on-1 with a client or solving a head scratching problem. 

Other days we do anything we can NOT to do what we have to do in our business. Stuff like spreadsheet, accounting, creating a marketing campaign, social media, and so on. 

But how often do you schedule in time to do something you really felt like doing? 

Not something that you just like to do...

...but that you wanted to do. 

Today I felt like writing. 

No purpose. Not for a sales letter or an email campaign. 

I just felt like writing. 

It's something that I used to spend 60+% of my time doing, but I hardly get to just write anymore. 

And as part of my own Ambitious Life, I want to write more. 

So today, for about 2 hours, in the middle of the day, I had nothing on my calendar except to write.

It's what I wanted to do, so I did it.

When is the last time you scheduled in something that you wanted to do for your business? For yourself?

The first time you do it, you might feel guilty. You might feel as if you should be doing something else. 

You do have deadlines and numbers to hit. You can't just goof off. Or schedule in something that doesn't exactly produce a direct outcome or ROI...

...or can you?

I've found that when I have something to look forward to in my week, I enjoy my weeks more. I enjoy being in the trenches knowing that I have a day coming up where I just "get to write."

Last week, I scheduled in a "Greg day."

A day just to think. To read. To go through an online course. 

No agenda. Just to freely do whatever I want. 

These 2 things on the surface seem like goofing off. 

But they are the exact opposite. 

Last week's "Greg day" helped me avoid burning out. It allowed me to escape the day to day, the craziness, the endless tasks and to-do list and give my mind time to recover and unwind.

During that time I also made a major breakthrough in a product idea I've been working through in my head. It hit me like a ton of bricks while I was reading a newsletter from a friend.

Today's writing session wasn't just to improve my chops or write some far-off poetry that has no business being written in the middle of a work-day. 

Rather, my earlier writing session ended up being 4,000+ words that will become the first issue of a newsletter I am calling The Rollett Report. Might even send it out this week (ready, fire, aim as we teach in Velocity). 

Plus, it allowed me to piece together some thoughts I've been having about the best ways to help you to build an Ambitious Business that fuels your life. 

So... is my ask of you:

Are you scheduling time to do what you WANT to do in your business, in addition to what you have to do?

Do you even know what you would do, if you were given a morning or an afternoon to do anything you choose?

Use me as your sounding board. 

Put something in your calendar for later this week. Tell me what you would do with an afternoon where you had the freedom to do what you "feel like doing."

I'd love to hear about this instrumental part of building your Ambitious Life. 

Stay ambitious, 

Greg Rollett

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