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Ambitious Marketing Ideas: Why Am I Dressed Up Like This?

Ambitious Marketing Ideas: Why Am I Dressed Up Like This?

There's one rule I tend to forget from time to time when it comes to marketing...

Have fun.

Sometimes we get so caught up in technology, automations, Facebook compliance, rules or following some expert's advice that we forget to have fun.

I love to have fun in my business. It is part of what brings me joy and keeps me going when things start to get stale or difficult.

Sometimes that fun comes from a text message you get late at night from a client who made their first sale using your methods (it's happened 3X this week which is awesome).

Sometimes fun is doing something spontaneous. Other times it is finding ways to add some fun into your marketing and your campaigns.

One of the ways I like to do that is by dressing up in videos.

In the past we've rented Abraham Lincoln costumes, turned our office into a wastebasket basketball court during March Madness and dressed up like players from the 70's and even sneaking into the local library dressed as an old man looking for information on starting an online business.

Earlier this week we had a video shoot to record some content and ads for our upcoming June Ambitious® Business Accelerator. And instead of just filming the normal content videos that we have been producing lately (nothing wrong with that btw), I decided to do a fun football theme comparing most business owners, experts, coaches and consultants to Monday Morning Quarterbacks.

So we got out Colten's football, put on some eye black and had a little fun...

Making Marketing Fun

Here's why this is important, and something for you to think about...

Marketing in 2021 is all about getting and keeping people's attention.

People give their attention to things that interest and entertain them. That means sometimes we need to entertain, in order to inform.

Plus, it's fun.

It gets you out of the routine and gets you to loosen up, laugh and enjoy the business you are building.

I want you to spend a few minutes today thinking about ways to add some more fun into your marketing.

Maybe it's a Fun Friday email or Facebook Live.

Maybe you're going to host a fun trivia game about common questions your prospects have and you're going to play the role of a cheezy 90's TV game show host.

Maybe you're going to mail your top 10 prospects a delicious donut in the mail or have Uber Eats drop it off at their office or home.

You get to choose the fun adventure, it is your business after all.

But if we can't have a little fun every once in a while, what in the heck are we doing this for?

Stay ambitious,

Greg Rollett

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