Shoot Some Emails From Beaches And Get Paid: John McIntyre, Copywriting King

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Written by: Dan Perichino | July 28

all photos via John McIntyre Facebook

John McIntyre is an email marketing expert, trainer and coach currently residing in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He’s also the founder and director of The McMethod, an international marketing agency.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention — he travels the world typing custom marketing email copy for his clients from resorts, beaches, and islands (including Richard Branson’s private Necar Island)

And, he hasn’t even turned 27 yet.


“I’m [visiting] in Columbia right now,” John says, informing me that he usually has Spanish lessons around this time, but would be happy to have a chat anyways.

Leaving his Australian hometown behind, John moved to the Philippines in 2011 to work as a marketing specialist for a beach resort. That’s where it all started – moving room to room around the guests – but he didn’t really notice this transitory way of living due to his fourteen-hour workdays.

“At the time it didn’t bother me at all — but looking back, it was a very unsettling way to live. I went through stages when I would begin the day at 5:30 A.M., and then I’d get off and finish even more work until nine at night.”

When John says he was working on more projects after clocking out of his day job, he means that he was, quite literally, teaching himself how to write sales and email copy. That doesn’t mean just typing up any old email – it means typing words that will convert leads and make sales for his clients.

Fast-forward to today, now known as “The Autoresponder Guy”, John has made millions of dollars for his clients and their businesses. His overall goal is to help other business owners and online entrepreneurs make more money and obtain the lifestyle they truly want.

Don’t let his resort-living days fool you though — there’s more to life than just working overtime. He may have a routine, but it’s an all-encompassing routine to say the least.

“I love adventure. I love snow boarding and fast motorcycles, and doing crazy stuff. But at the same time when it comes to working towards goals, I love having a routine. And I’ll break out of it as soon as I get bored of it. I’ll mix it up and go work somewhere else, or take a day off and do something totally different. But when it comes to getting stuff done and just getting into the groove, a routine is so, so effective.”

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So how exactly did John go from working as a marketing specialist for a resort to getting paid thousands of dollars to write sometimes just one email for a client? Well, he irrefutably displays that practice really does make perfect.

“I started as a free lance copy-righter and did project-based work. So people would come and pay me five hundred dollars or five thousand dollars for one thing. I got better at pitching and started to make more [money]. My goal was to be self-employed. I wanted to have a business where I can take off for a month and everything keeps making money.”

John simply says, “What I’m trying to do now is take the business up to a certain revenue point, get my time down to one hour a week — then I have a decent amount of cash and abundant time then I can go and look for bigger projects in say, New York or Silicon Valley, or anywhere really.”

And he’s not stopping anytime soon.

John continued to tell me about his dream of starting a company in the future that will make a change on a global level. He wants to positively affect the lives of billions of people, weather that is in 3D printing technology or even in outer space.

“As far as what’s next, I love extensional technology. Things like 3D printing, biotechnology, robotics; a lot of space.” He explains, almost as if I can hear the gears turning in his head as he speaks of his ambitions, and convincingly.

“I think so many of us have the potential to make this huge impact, absolutely massive global worldwide impact and a lot of us don’t do it, because we don’t really believe it’s possible. So what I want to really do see how far I can go with that and help billions of people.”

John truly believes we do all have it inside of us, to achieve whatever we want in life. As our conversation goes on, his points sound more and more convincing. He warns others of self-doubt and questioning themselves.

“We are our own worst enemy. We literally just need to decide what it is we want to do. The most of us spend way too much time in self-doubt and wondering if we deserve it. But then a lot of times, you feel like ‘fuck it, let’s do it.’ You have to cultivate an unwavering belief that it’s possible, that you can do, and that you will do it. You really do need to have this do or die attitude.”

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Happiness and always aspiring to do more go hand-in-hand according to John, but he made it very clear that ambition is different for everyone.

He doesn’t believe in selling himself short, as his entrepreneurial success speak volumes about what he practices, but ambition, to him, is not really about going and doing anything specific. It’s not necessarily building a big company, or starting a non-profit or traveling the world.

“What matters is that you do what you want to do, what you like. It’s hard, but a lot of that is trying to handle different things to find out what appeals and resonates with you.” He describes.

“To me, Ambition is figuring out whatever it is that you want and then going after it with everything that you have.”


Visit and follow John’s adventures on Twitter.

Dan Perichino is a staff writer at and is about 0.5% done with his world-travel plans. You can catch his attempts to seem cool online by following him on Twitter @yakkybeats.

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