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Written by: Krissany Ruiz | January 28

Hey ladies, who doesn’t want to make money online? It beats going to a cubicle and putting on makeup every day, doesn’t it?

It’s perfectly natural to wonder about jumping on the passive income bandwagon.

If you are knowledgeable on a subject or have certain technical skills that you want to put to good use, selling digital products could be your gateway to establishing passive income.

Want some inspiration to start your own digital course? Take a look at what these Ladypreneurs have in store for some idea inspiration.

eBooks and eCourses

1. Regina Anaejionu – byregina.com

eBooks from byregina.com

Regina is a total infoproduct ninja whose content is so in-depth, that you will need a separate binder to keep track of it all. With her enthusiasm, filling out the worksheets and guidebooks isn’t a chore, but seems more like fun homework. (Although it feels weird to put “fun” and “homework” in the same sentence.)

By looking at her workshop page, you can tell that she’s a huge advocate for helping freelancers and coaches grow their businesses online. Then Regina’s collection of ebooks are nothing less than epic guides for bloggers to excel at what they pursue.

2. Sarah Morgan – xosarah.com

Sarah Morgan's eCourses at xosarah.com

On the other hand, Sarah provides ebooks and ecourses about how to create passive income and grow blog traffic. Her guide to photoshop can also come in handy for creating pinnable blog post images and other design elements for a website.

To make eBooks and eCourses, past experience is often the driving force behind “how-to” infoproducts. If Sarah didn’t establish passive income herself, or didn’t improve blog traffic, her credibility for selling products under those topics would be questionable. So in order to give others guidance on how to reach a certain result, document your own process first, and see where the experiments take you.

Otherwise, the next question is, “where can I sell my digital products?” Three common places are Etsy, Creative Market, and Envato Market. In addition, Sarah has a tell-all blog post about ecommerce platforms like Woo Commerce, where she mentions the pros and cons of each, so you can decide which one is best for you.

Printable Planning Kits

3. Kelsey Baldwin – paperandoats.com

Kelsey Baldwin Paper and Oats Shop for Planners

As a graphic designer that specializes in designing digital products for others, including Regina Anaejionu herself, it’s no surprise that Kelsey has an extensive collection of clean and simple products to choose from. Her shop focuses on PDF planning kits, calendars, to-do lists, and other checklists. Seems low-key, doesn’t it? But hey, those are great tools to stay organized. So if this is up your alley, consider what kinds of activities or events that you can design kits for to help others keep track of what’s important in their lives.


4. Janna Hagan – jannalynncreative.com

Resume and newsletter template shop, Janna Lynn Creative digital products

Looking for a resume design makeover? Janna offers a crispy collection of resume and cover letter designs for women, that are ready to edit in a Word document. Then for e-commerce fashion retailers, Janna made a few newsletter templates for buyers to edit in Photoshop.

5. Pauline Cabrera – Etsy.com / hipmediakits.com

Media Kits by Pauline Cabrera

Pauline is a marketing and social media maven whose Etsy shop is filled with easy-to-edit media kits for bloggers. All buyers have to do is make a few quick edits and present the polished media kits to brands who want to work with them.

Both Pauline and Janna understand that it’s always a plus to provide Word-compatible documents for people who aren’t Adobe-savvy. After all, for simple templates like resumes and media kits, it’s not really fair to assume that everyone has access to Adobe programs.

6. Dana Fox – envye.com

Envye WordPress and Blogger Templates by Dana Fox, digital products

Mostly known for her lifestyle blog thewonderforest.com, and her techie tutorial site icanbuildablog.com, the majority of her digital products come from Envye, where she sells affordable templates for Blogger and WordPress.

While templates from other sources can easily cost over $80, most of hers cost around $50 or less–so they’re great for female bloggers on a budget. Dana also offers a few other digital products that compliment the templates such as a collection of graphic design packs containing clipart, social media icons, and sidebar image buttons.

Setting up website templates has a bigger learning curve, since it takes solid web development and design skills to make a clean, non-bloated layout. It’s not the kind of digital product that can be thrown together quickly, but with the right knowledge and enough effort, the payoff can be pretty awesome. Take studiopress themes for instance. Their child themes get purchased over and over again because many people spread the word. Some say that they love the genesis framework and think that the designs are on point.

Photo Editing Packages

7. Elsie Larson and 8. Emma Chapman – abeautifulmess.com

A Beautiful Mess - Shop for Photoshop Actions and Presets

Editing photos can easily be a time-consuming process, so these packages are the shortcuts to helping buyers batch edit their content at a faster pace. Not only can Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets save time, but these collections provide a nice variety of special effects to choose from. Photos can go from bright and dreamy, to dark and moody in just a few clicks.

Is photography your cup of tea? Here’s what to consider: Since actions and presets aren’t one-size-fits-all, practice tweaking your collections until you decide which photography themes they are best for, such as indoor food styling, outdoor nature shots, or flattering studio portraits. Then showing before-and-after screenshots of the effects will help the buyer imagine how their own photos will be transformed.

Styled Stock Photography

9. Shay Cochrane – Etsy.com

Shay Cochrane's Etsy store of styled stock photography

At first glance, we judge a website’s legitimacy and professionalism by both the written content and the visual content. So it really helps to have clean and good-looking photos in order for a website to look impressive; especially when it comes to selling products and services online.

Not everyone has the time or the resources to make their own website graphics, so this is where Shay’s Etsy shop comes in. She sells hundreds of professional styled stock photos for bloggers, online retailers, and creative business owners.

But here’s a myth-buster: Looking at her photos, it’s easy to assume that she has a nice studio room for her photoshoots. But behind the scenes on Periscope, she reveals that some of her styling set-ups are laid out on the floor. So not every photographer has the ideal space; they choose to make the best of their environment. Even a home office or a bright living room might be good enough.

What to consider when selling stock photos: imagine the different niche websites where the stock images will end up and take photos according to the themes. Shay separates her stock photos by categories of food, floral, party, and beauty images–which are popular enough to reach nearly 2,000 sales and plenty of satisfied 5-star reviews.


10. Nicky Laatz – creativemarket.com

Typography Design shop, Nicky Laatz at the Creative Market

Creative Market is a treasure trove for buyers on the hunt for digital goods, which is why so many vendors set up shop on the site. That being said, it’s not easy to stand out– but Nicky Laatz certainly does. If you check out her curly Vanilla Frosting typeface, you’ll see what I mean. (The style would be great for a fun and girly book cover.)

As you can see, she has a knack for making gorgeous script typefaces. Anyone call fall in love with the designs once they see how it looks in different mediums. Visualizing the typefaces on websites, cell phone cases, pillows, and graphic tees can be the deciding factor that turns curious seekers into satisfied buyers.

Graphics and Digital Illustrations

11. Lisa Glanz – Etsy.com / creativemarket.com / society6.com

Lisa Glanz's graphic design shop

Lisa is a watercolor-style graphic designer with an affinity for animals and nature. Other than clip art and fonts, she also sells digital papers–which can be used as backgrounds for digital scrapbooking. But the value she delivers really packs a punch with her branding and identity kits that give buyers the flexibility of mixing and matching design elements and shapes to finally get a logo that looks just right.

PDF Projects and Tutorials

12. Allisa Jacobs – Etsy.com

Allisa Jacobs , PDF sewing patterns in her Etsy shop

Just in case someone wants to make a clutch purse or journal cover in a different pattern than what Allisa provides in her shop, buyers can take advantage of making their own versions using her PDF sewing patterns. Allisa is no stranger to infoproducts either, because she sells the Complete Guide to A Successful Online Shop for fellow Etsy vendors as the cherry on top.

13. Aniko – Etsy.com

Aniko's PDF Polymer Clay tutorials on Etsy

As an animal and fantasy enthusiast, I always wanted to decorate a journal to make it look like a magical book of spells, and now I know where to buy the tutorials to make it happen.

For those who are curious about polymer clay art, Aniko sells step-by-step PDF tutorials for readers to learn about creating textured journals and pendants. If you were to see her YouTube channel, you’d be impressed by how much detail goes into her work. Overall, it’s awesome that Aniko shares her techniques to encourage others to pick up some clay and try sculpting themselves.

14. Claudine Hellmuth – Etsy.com

Party Printables at Claudine Hellmuth's Etsy shop

With the funky style of these printables, it’s no surprise that Claudine’s shop was featured on Etsy’s blog.

Showing off these goodies in a retro-themed party is sure to delight and impress. Other than party goods, her printables are suitable for gift boxes, too. (Hint: Imagine that it’s your birthday, and someone gave you an iTunes gift card packaged inside a cassette tape. To that, my reaction would be: “Yaay!”)

Given the last three examples, it’s clear to see that PDF projects and tutorials are great mediums for handmade artists to share their knowledge, too.

In order not to feel overwhelmed with options, start small with digital products like short ebooks or document templates. Whether you keep it simple or tackle a bigger challenge, creating products to teach others about a subject or help people save time is well worth the effort once you hear feedback like “thank you, this has been so helpful!” (I bet those words will be music to your ears.)

Are there any other outstanding females that sell digital products you know of that didn’t make this list? Don’t hesitate to share their names in the comments below!

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