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Greg Rollett at the United Nations
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Written by: Greg Rollett | July 20

Above Photo: Founder and Publisher of Ambitious.com, Greg Rollett giving a presentation about the ambitious young people that are changing the world at the Global Economic Initiative at the United Nations.

I believe that most people, especially those living in America today, are leading lives of quiet desperation.

And not the kind of desperation that Henry David Thoreau wrote about in Walden back in 1854.

I’m talking about a desperation to find something worth living for. Worth fighting for. Worth actually having the motivation to get out of bed on the first tone of their alarm clock kind of desperation.

Instead, they lie helpless.

Stuck in the drudgery of everyday life waiting to refill their 2 weeks of vacation time and for 4:59 p.m. to change over to 5 p.m. on their iPhones and computer screens.

According to the good folks at the U.S. Census, nearly 1 in 6 dudes aged 25-34 live at home with their parents. That means they are not married, nor have they started their family yet or bought a home with their white picket fence.

Maybe surprisingly, that’s exactly how I feel as I’m writing this today.

I have a great business. I make great money compared to the rest of the world.

I have an incredible family. A wife I fell in love with at her sweet sixteen as a skinny rapper trying to be the next Eminem and 16 years later, I still fall for her every move. I have two incredible boys that make me want to be a better man and a better dad every time I see their faces.

I’ve been to the Grammy Awards 3 times. The Kentucky Derby twice.

I’ve hosted Awards Shows, TV Shows, been nominated for Emmy’s, wrote Best-Selling books and have been seen in every major media outlet that is worth being seen in.

I’ve surfed, albeit badly, on the Florida shores and in incredible exotic locations.

And yet, it’s Thursday night and there’s something inside of me that wishes I was writing to you from a beach in Bali or a coffee house in Vietnam or in the backseat of one of those cool looking 50’s cars they still keep in pristine condition throughout Havana.

It’s not the money that drives me. Although money is undoubtedly important to the society with which we live in. Those plane tickets, hotel bills and Celebrity Sours don’t come without a cost.

I believe money is extremely important and businesses that use capitalism to make the world a better place, a la TOMS Shoes are needed in society.

What drives me is creating a life that I can be proud of.

Creating a life that I didn’t waste. Using every single minute that I have been given to live life to the fullest.

With ambition.

The good news is that I know that I’m not alone.

The sad reality is that many young people are handcuffed, either by their student loan debt that currently outnumbers credit card debt here in the U.S., by their own fears, or worse, their own complacency.

Complacency is the #1 ambition killer and technology is making it much easier to become complacent than ever before.

Load up Netflix and binge watch True Blood for 3 days instead of taking up a new skill to leave a dead-end job.

Scroll through Instagram for hours watching others live the life you want to live but don’t know how to. Or where to start. Or who to live that life with.

At the same time, young people are changing the landscape of the entire world as we know it.

Brian Chesky, the CEO of AirBNB is 33 (only a few months older than I am) and nearing the creation of a $100 billion business that doesn’t own a single hotel, yet is beating hotels at their own game.

Then you have Evan Spiegel, the 25 year old founder of SnapChat, with a net worth exceeding $1 billion.

What about 31 year old Mark Zuckerberg from a little company called Facebook?

What about the 1,000+ millennials working for Facebook that became millionaires the day the company went public back in 2012?

And these are just the names and companies that make the headlines.

This doesn’t tell the true story of what young people are doing all over the world on a daily basis.

I created Ambitious.com to give a voice to the generation that will change the world, and is changing the world.

I created this platform to share the stories, the lifestyles and the personalities of young people who are not waiting for the current regime to make life better, but are taking their future and their destiny into their own hands.

And to empower the journalists and content creators to tell these stories. To create the next great journalists, change makers and risk takers. 

This network was created for the rapper in New York who records his album in an Apple Store because he feels compelled to share his music with the world.

For the young CEO in Venezuela who is starting businesses when the whole country is telling him to leave and start over someplace else.

For the young mother in the Dominican Republic who was given a $100 microloan to start a chicken shack to feed her family and wound up building a compound with a corner store, chicken shack and a concrete home surrounded by huts just to show the people that they can change their surroundings.

For the teacher who is so sick and tired of the beaurocratic bullshit that she leaves her comfortable teaching position to travel the world and teach Third World students to empower themselves through education.

For the kid from Tamarac, FL who was expected to work construction or bartend for the rest of his life and instead tried to be a rapper, then an Internet Mogul, then the head of an Agency to trying to compete with billion dollar media companies from his home in Winter Park, FL.

I wanted to create this platform for the risk takers. The change makers. The hustlers. The never say die entrepreneurs and groups of young people that know their fate is in their own hands.

Biggie Smalls said you either slanging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot…

Today it’s more like you’re either ambitious, or you’re not.

You’re either the one creating the moments on Instagram or the one watching the world be created on Instagram for you.

I believe we want to create our own future.

We care about the planet.

We care about the way we raise our kids.

We care about education and are willing to find it, with or without the help of the government or the university system.

We care about brands that give a shit about the world we live in.

We care about value, not price.

We care about experiences over everything.

We would rather die having lived a life worth living than a life filled with regret.

We are the Ambitious Generation. And Ambitious.com is their voice.

Do you have questions about Ambitious.com? Want to see how you can contribute to our mission? I’d love to hear from you. Simply email greg [@] ambitious.com for more information.

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Greg Rollett

Greg is the CEO of Ambitious.com and writes most of his posts while eating burritos for lunch or drinking Mexican beers or island rum outside with his laptop and a pair of Beats headphones over his ears, listening to good ol 2000's hip-hop like Master P or Jay-Z (before Tidal). Follow his ambitious antics on Twitter, @gregrollett

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