What Does #POTUS Have To Say To Young Entrepreneurs?

President Obama on White House Demo Day
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Written by: Greg Rollett | August 04

Photo via @techstars

Today President Obama hosted the first Demo Day at The White House, where he invited 24+ startups to talk about “why we need to give every American the opportunity to pursue their bold, game-changing ideas.”

Here are 7 quotes and stats from the #POTUS that are worth thinking about…


“Ideas should be judged on their merits, not by who they come from.”



“The next Steve Jobs might be named Stephanie, or Esteban. They might not ever step foot in Silicon Valley.”


“We’ve got to unleash the full potential of every American — not leave more than half the team on the bench.”


But quite possibly my favorite quote from the day…

“Keep in mind in 18 months I’m going to need a job.”

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