18 Young Leaders Dominate Vanity Fair’s New Establishment List For 2015

Mark Zuckerberg on the cover of the October 2015 Vanity Fair Magazine
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Written by: Greg Rollett | October 01

The posterboy of 30-something “Unicorn Makers,” Mark Zuckerberg graces the cover of Vanity Fair’s October 2015 Issue where “a posse of top reporters run the numbers – and unearth some surprising facts – for the most important visionaries, investors, and cultural leaders in “the Year of the Unicron.”

The good news, the lists are dominated by young people who are disrupting some of the oldest and longest standing old guards in the history of the world.

Here are the names (and the ages) of everyone under the age of 35 (minus 1 wild card) taking charge that you need to know…

The Disruptors

#1: Mark Zuckerberg (31)

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and oh, beaming Internet and data via drones to Africa, Asia and Latin America. No big deal.

#2: Travis Kalanick (39)

Travis Kalanick

Even if he is a grandpa of Gen-Y, being sub-40 and running a company valued at $51 billion is no joke. Plus, he’s ensuring that us young folks will never have to step foot in a Yellow Cab again. Thank God.

#8: Brian Chesky (34)

Brian Chesky

The guy rents out more than 1,000,000 rooms per night at AirBnB and doesn’t own one of them. Check out some of the coolest rooms here.

#10: Elizabeth Holmes (31)

Elizabeth Holmes

$9 billion to help lower the cost of blood testing. Yeah, she’s going to war for us young folks to have better and cheaper health care to let us live longer than our parents. Plus one for you Elizabeth.

#12: Even Spiegel (25)

Even Spiegel Snapchat

The guy that made dick picks into a $15 billion empire. Now he has advertisers fighting over screen space within the app to show their videos that disappear seconds later. Well played sir, well played.

#13: Ben Slibermann (33)

Ben Silbermann

Big move of the year, integrating ecommerce into Pinterest. Now instead of drooling over those cupcakes or the cool rug within your boards and searches, you just point and click and it shows up in days, just the way it was meant to be.

#14: Kevin Systrom (31)

Kevin Systrom

Who has time to read words? Apparently hundreds of millions of people like you who are snapping away and posting their lives online, one Instagram filter at a time. Doesn’t hurt that he made a quick billion before selling the service to Zuckerberg.

#15: Amy Shumer (34)

Amy Shumer

With every female comedian on the planet trying to do what this seemingly overnight success has done, the Shu will not be stopped. More TV, more movies and an HBO special directed by Chris Rock, you can’t stop the Internet’s version of Tina Fey.

#20: Daniel Ek (32)

Daniel Ek

I mean, I’m listening to Spotify right now, while writing this. Not even Apple’s new streaming service can stop Daniel Ek and his $8.53 billion music streaming juggernaut.

#26: Sam Altman (30)

Sam Altman

Back in the day there were tastemakers who found the freshest new music, or the dope new clothing lines. Today’s tastemakers find the hot new companies. The leader of this new taste-making division is Sam Altman from Y Combinator, a summer camp for young entrepreneurs.

#36: Jessica Alba (34)

Jessica Alba

Over the past year the actress has become more well known for creating Honest, gracing the cover of Fobes and building a $200 million dollar diaper-based empire. Next up in Honest Beauty, because, quite simply, you moms gotta look good, even when changing a diaper or 2 (shoutout to my wife, who just might read this and sigh).

#37: Drew Houston (32)

Drew Houston

Still the “it” place to store and share files, Drew has built an empire in DropBox that is still escalating faster than you can fill your 5 free Gigs of storage.

#44: Patrick Collison & John Collison (27 & 25)

Patrick Collison & John Collison

When we start making 20-something responsible for how we send our credit card data over the interwebs, the world seriously needs to look out. Stripe is the disruptor to the mobile and online payment space to millions of vendors and solo entrepreneurs across the country. Kudos boys.

#45: Adam Neuman (35)

Adam Neuman

30,000 people across the globe work in a WeWork office with perks like yoga, beer and snacks. With freelancing looking this good, companies will have to do some serious tinkering to get good people to stick around.

#47: The Bansals (Sachin, 34 & Binny, 32)

The Bansal Brothers

Trained at Amazon, then the brothers went back home to create the Amazon of India. That was a good idea, since there are over a billion people there that need easy access to books, shoes and dog food.

#50: Meredith Perry (25)

Meredith Perry

I hate chargers and chords. Apparently so does Meredith and a lot of other people, leading her to create UBEAM so you can charge your iPad or your smart phone through the air. Brilliant.

What other young disruptor should be on this list?

For the complete list, check the whole story on Vanity Fair.

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