Stop Trying To Skip The F’in Struggle

the struggle is real for young entrepreneurs
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Written by: Greg Rollett | October 06

I saw this on CrossFit Poster Girl and author of the Badass Body Diet Christmas Abbot’s Instagram today and it struck me.

Most young people want instant results. They expect their internet to always be on and ready, not knowing the struggle of the modem and waiting for “America to get Online.”

They expect web pages to load fast and shows to appear on demand and not to have to wait till next Monday for another episode of Scorpion.

They also expect a job now, a raise now and everything that comes from a now economy.

Entrepreneurship Doesn’t Work That Way.

You can’t skip the struggle.

You can’t skip the late nights.

The early mornings.

The all nighters.

The constant “what the hell am I even doing right now.”

Success in running your own business comes from putting in the work, or what Malcolm Gladwell, and later Macklemore told the world was about 10,000 hours.

10,000 shitty, hard, tiring, enthusiastic, crappy, exciting, motivating, depressing, confusing, stressful, blissful hours.

To have the life that you dream up, you have to put in the work that others won’t.

“My dad told me, ‘It takes 15 years to be an overnight success’, and it took me seventeen and a half years.”
-Adrian Brody

When I personally look at things like the 99% and the 1% or something like a wealth distribution pyramid, I don’t get jealous or envious, I get excited. Really friggin excited.

It means you can get there. It’s possible.

But you have to put in the work.

Building, I am putting in the work. The wife and kids have been sleeping for hours now and I’m going through the struggle of writing another 1,000 words to build a brand that I believe in.

A brand that will not only change my life, but the lives of everyone who reads it. Of everyone who write for it. Of everyone who gets off their ass and does something more ambitious with their life.

And hell, the struggle to write something inspiring is way better than the struggle of brick laying in Orlando in August.

But it’s a struggle nonetheless.

The nights on the road – alone – missing your family.

The struggle to fit in 15 minutes of heart pounding exercise to make sure I take care of myself, knowing that my body is connected to my brain and I need my brain to make my life better.

The struggle to recruit the best young people in the world and groom them to be better than me.

The struggle to build something that is 100X over your head, but know in your gut is worth every second.

The constant struggle to meet payroll, keep expanding and where to invest your dwindling financial and time resources to make it work.

But I wouldn’t skip the struggle for the world.

It makes me stronger. It makes me a better person. A better leader. A better motivator. A better dad. A better husband.

The struggle is what you’ll talk about 30 years from now to your buddies on the golf course or on the mountain before you create your next great memory.

The struggle to get through 2 a days on the football team or Hell Week on the baseball team are what we remember more than the games, the practices and what happened on the score board. I’ve been through both and that is the truth.

It was going through the fucking struggle (to quote Christmas) that makes this whole ambitious life worth waking up for.

What struggle are you going through today?

Greg Rollett is a Best-Selling Author and the founder of, and fits in his workouts at 8:30pm after his 2 awesome and ambitious little dudes fall asleep. Yes, the struggle is real.

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