Research Shows That Millennials Can’t Even Cook Dinner Without Using Their Smart Phones

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Written by: Kimberlee Bochek | July 08

Have prized family cookbooks and handwritten recipes become a thing of the past?

If you’re a cute, cooking-lovin’ granny (or grandpa) who cherishes their indecipherable cursive recipes and cookbooks passed down through generations, you might not want to read any further, for I fear this just might break your heart.

A new study released by Google reported that 59% of millennials locate recipes, meal ideas and cooking techniques solely using their smartphones, tablets or laptops. People over the age of 35 were more likely to avoid technology in the kitchen and print out their recipes instead, a concept that apparently seems as outdated to 25-34 year olds as using dial-up Internet.

I for one am definitely guilty of this, and my phone screen permanently covered in a thin layer of diced tomato juice and breadcrumbs can attest to this.

The study also found that 31% of millennials reported that the least enjoyable part of the cooking process was choosing exactly what to cook. This has resulted in home chefs turning to popular video channels and cooking blogs for inspiration and culinary tips, and search interest for “best recipes” on YouTube has increased nearly 50%, year after year.

YouTube searches using the keywords “how to cook that” is one of the ten most popular how-to searches on the site, followed by “how to draw” and “how to kiss”. In response to the latter: really, guys? You’re gonna trust YouTube for that? Yikes. Anyways.

How To Cook That is also the name of a popular Youtube food channel led by Ann Reardon, who dishes out meal ideas and baking tutorials to her 1.6 million fans (and counting). She offers her culinary expertise for pretty much every dessert imaginable, and conveys it in a way that even the most amateur chef can figure out how to whip up some chocolate mousse in a cute, edible chocolate cup. Or, if you really wanna put your cooking skills to the test, you can learn how to bake a cake in the shape of the Twitter logo. 

This research shows that millennials are using technology more than ever, especially in the newly coined “digital kitchen”. This just might bring an end to the era of handwritten recipes, or anyone having basic knowledge of how to cook anything aside from Easy Mac without having to Google it first (guilty, again).

So, the next time you decide to cook up that delicious 5-star chicken parm dinner, give yourself a good laugh and see how far you can get by using those dusty cookbooks that currently serve as nothing more than decoration.

And, don’t be too ashamed when you have to resort to YouTube tutorials just to bread the chicken, because you and 59% of your generation are doing the same damn thing.

Just don’t forget to Instagram it before taking that first precious bite.

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