The Ambitious Guide to YouTube Ads

with Justin Sardi


Learn how to create and optimize your YouTube channel so you generate subscribers who want to see all of your videos and get notified when you publish new ones.

Product Description

  • How to optimize your videos in a way that engages the viewer and gets them to take action as they are watching the video. This means more leads, more sales and more shares to grow your business with simple and easy videos – but this has to be done right or else you might get people to watch, but you won’t get them to buy.
  • How to use YouTube ads to put your videos right in front of the people most likely to do business with you. Justin is going to show you the different types of ads and how to use them to generate leads for your business without going broke
  • All in beautiful HD video, MP3 audio files, plus the slides and resources you need to tell your story


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