Startup Marketing Masterclass

with Alexandra Wilkis Wilson


This Startup Marketing Masterclass will show you everything Alexandra Wilkis Wilson did to help launch her startup from an idea between friends to a company that was recently sold for $250 million.

Product Description


  • Discover how to validate your startup idea fast and make sure it matches exactly what the market wants
  • Learn how to get your first customer fast using time-tested and proven grassroots marketing tactics that will help you get cash flow and customers, plus learn how to get them on your pre-launch list and excited before you ever open your doors
  • Discover how to hire, build a company culture and even work with your best friend while building a business that impacts thousands or even millions of people around the world
  • Learn how to connect with influencers, brand partners and brand ambassadors even if no one has ever heard of you or your product (and how Alexandra got the biggest brands in fashion to pay attention to her when Gilt was nothing more than an idea)
  • All in beautiful HD video, MP3 audio files, plus the slides and resources you need to tell your story


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