The Ambitious Guide To Facebook Ads

with David Schloss


Remember the more Facebook loves your ads and the more the audience you select loves your ads, the more frequent your ads will be shown to more of your targeted audience.

Product Description

  • The 5 biggest mistakes advertisers make on Facebook and how to ensure that you never make those same mistakes when running your own ads on Facebook
  • How to discover the best interests and people to target on Facebook so your ads are seen by the people most likely to be interested in your products and services. David will be sharing how he finds them and how you can search for the interests and data that might not be so obvious, but will ensure that your campaigns are successful and profitable
  • How to scale your Facebook advertising campaigns. Even if you only want to spend $10 now, David will show you the right way to scale your campaigns so you can start spending more money (which means you are making even more money)
  • All in beautiful HD video, MP3 audio files, plus the slides and resources you need to tell your story


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