11 People You Need To Know In Your 20’s

These are the people you need to meet in your 20s
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Written by: Greg Rollett | September 23

Let’s face it. You will never be more well connected than you are in your 20’s. You’re still cool with the people you went to high school with. You have a ton of frat or sorority friends still lingering and you go out a few nights a week with other young, ambitious people.

It’s time you use this expansive network to meet people that can actually help you to live a more ambitious life. Here are the people you need to go out and meet before it’s too late and you can’t take advantage of their perks anymore (says the young dad with 2 awesome kids clawing at his feet as he types this).

You need to know a local bartender

1. The Local Bartender

Not just for the free drinks, but for the fact that he or she gets you drinks faster and stronger than anyone else in the joint. Be sure to over tip every time, not just the first time.

Do you know a good, trustworthy mechanic?

2. A Trust-Worthy Mechanic

Face it, you’re probably driving a beat-up used car. Have someone in your back pocket who can get you back on the road as quick as possible without breaking the bank.

local dj

3. The Late Night DJ

Stay late one night, help them pack up, buy them a burger at the closest Dennys or Steak N Shake and find yourself on the guest list or in the VIP section anytime you want to twerk, trap or lip sync to 80s rock.


4. A Beer Or Liquor Promoter

These folks are required to know every cool bar, who runs them and how to throw a party inside of them. Befriend them, or get a job as one of them yourself. Plus, free beer (which might even save the world).

Do you know someone who can cook you warm meals?

5. A Great Cook

Doesn’t matter if they are Vegan, Paleo or slap sugar into anything, cooking is a skill you need to master in your 20s, even if research says we can’t cook without our iPhones.

the perks of knowing a hotel concierge

6. A Hotel Concierge

For the morning after, when you want to float on the lazy river or sit at the swim up bar for a bloody mary, you’ll thank us. Plus they know everything happening, from who’s in town and how to get you reservations at every hot spot. Or, you can always opt for a cool AirBnB for the weekend.

befriend a local blogger

7. A Famous Local Blogger

They talk to, interview and profile everyone in the city. And what’s the point of knowing everyone if you aren’t going to use those connections?

You should always know the guy playing Journey at the bar

8. The Guy That Always Plays Guitar At The Coolest Bars and Happy Hours

He’s the most loved guy at the bar. The girls love him. The bartenders love him. Heck, even the bums outside love him. My bet is that you’ll love him too.

young and stylish

9. The Most Fashionable Worker At A Local Boutique

This is my wife’s secret weapon. Need an outfit for a Kentucky Derby party, a wedding and a Jay-Z concert in the same weekend? No problem. Let them play dress up with you, treat you like a model and have your weekend bag packed in 20 minutes.

Do you even remember one of your professors?

10. The Head Of Your Department From College

Their job is to know the who and the what of your industry. You want to be the one he dishes that information out to.

million dollar mentor

11. A Million Dollar Mentor

The 20’s are a time to surround yourself with people that will push you in the right direction. Why not hang around people that are healthy, wealthy and wise? Choose a mentor that pushes you and challenges you to break out of your comfort zone?

Who’s on your list of must know people in your 20’s?

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