10 Orlando Bars Where Getting Drunk Is Only Half The Fun

10 new ambitious bars in orlando
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Written by: Brad Rahr | January 19

Are you as sick of the club scene in Orlando as I am? Spending my nights walking throughout Wall Street and paying top dollar for well drinks has left me bored and broke.

What if there were places we could go to enjoy carefully crafted cocktails within an environment that doesn’t require us to lose our voices by shouting nonsense into someone’s face from two feet away?

Check out these ten bars that are unique, fun, and good for your budget.

1. Hanson’s Shoe Repair: A Speak Easy guaranteed to impress for date night.

Hansons Shoe Repair

Photo via Hanson’s Shoe Repair Facebook

Thursday nights often have live music under a roof open to the skyline. Secret libations = good vibrations my friend.

2. The Woods Orlando: Bacon, beer, and specialty drinks

The Woods Bar Orlando

Photo via The Woods Facebook

Bacon…and drinks. Wednesday’s at The Woods has broken all barriers for food and drink by giving you BACON WITH YOUR DRINKS. Just stop.

3. Wally’s Mills Avenue Liquor: Because it’s literally been here forever.

wallys orlando

Photo via Wally’s Facebook

I can guarantee that if you’re from Orlando and ask your parents about Wally’s, they will have plenty of stories to share from their days of drinking.


4. The Imperial at Washburn Imports: Food trucks, awesome furnishings, and good people.

the imperial at washburn imports

Photo via The Imperial Facebook

If you’re craving something classy and laid back then Imperial is for you. Friendly staff, relaxing ambiance, and an awesome outside beer garden await you.

5. Spacebar: A Space with a Bar

spacebar orlando

Photo via Spacebar Facebook

It’s a place that supports local organizations by holding events like BodyTalk and Late Night Swim. It isn’t all about getting drunk at Spacebar. They even play movies sometimes!

6. stardust video and coffee: movies, brews, and espresso.

stardust video and coffee

Photo via stardust Facebook

Almost the perfect combination of awesome, stardust is a video store while also touting a reputation for awesome coffee and plenty of beers to choose from.

7. Matthews Tavern: Steampunk in a German Beer Garden.

matthews tavern orlando

Photo via St. Matthews Tavern Facebook

Live music sets the tone of this place while the drink deals are out of this world. Enjoy great drinks while sitting in welcoming and friendly environment.

8. lil indies: Eclectic Environment with Awesome vibes.

lil indies orlando

Photo via lil indies Facebook

A part of Wills Pub, lil indies is home to all walks of life. Ridiculous drink offers and awesome music means you could be hangin with people your age or with those of an older generation.

9. Bart: Gallery, arcade, bar.

Bartcade Orlando

Photo via Bartcade Facebook

Like an adult gamers fantasyland, Bart allows you to drink craft beers while enjoying local art or playing arcade games from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. What more could you want?

10. The Geek Easy: Like a sports bar without the sports.

The Geek Easy Orlando

Photo via The Geek Easy Facebook

When you combine a comic shop with a speak-easy you get this little gem. I can’t think of a better mix for people who want the sports bar feel, but with more of a nerdy twist. These guys flaunt their comic passion with pride.

I want you to stop what your doing and start planning your next night out.

Leave the loud clubs for the kids and move on up with the classy people at these ambitious locations.

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