The Essentials This Hip-Hop Artist Takes With Him On Tour

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Written by: Greg Rollett | October 09

Being on tour is every musician’s dream. The open road, great food and groupies, what more could a rising hip-hop artist ask for?

Well, if you’re Kap Kallous, you just released the critically acclaimed album December and you’re hitting the road with Mayday, you pack your bags for 53 cities worth of shows and get ready to build your career, one fan at a time.

Slowly but surely there’s one in every crowd #DecemberIsHere #kapkallous #FutureVintageTour #TourLife #work

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Between stops in New Mexico and Oklahoma, I caught up with Kap to check out the goods that kept him alive and well from show to show.

Cash, Lots Of Cash.

Rappers need stacks of cash

What rapper doesn’t have wads of cash on hand at all times?


Rappers and their meds

Being on tour is tough on the body and the mind. Missing a show because you are under the weather means that you don’t get paid and you don’t get to connect with your fans.


Can you rap with chapped lips?

Have you ever tried rapping on stage to people you don’t know with chapped lips? Didn’t think so.


A Pair Of Headphones


Even when youre on the road with your closest friends, you need personal time to chill out and reflect on your own.

Square Reader

Square Reader

This is the must have accessory if you want to get paid. CDs, shirts and stickers are now just a swipe away from building your bank account.

Protein Bar

Quick meals for rappers on the road

In case you skip a meal or load in too late to hit the town and find something to eat before a show.

Water, Lots Of Water

Water bottles to stay hydrated on tour

Gotta hydrate when you’re putting in work on stage, night in and night out.


Hip hop and sunglasses

For them early morning drives and the late night glassy eyes.

Lucky Johnny Cash Lighter

Good luck charm for Kap Kallous

Kap’s good luck charm that he kisses every night before hitting the stage.

Check out the video for “10 Gold Plates” from Kap’s latest album, December below.

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