Life Is Too Short To Do Another Damn Spreadsheet

Boy do I hate spreadsheets
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Written by: Greg Rollett | October 15

Next week I turn 33. I’m still young enough to know that I have a lot of life to live, learn and experience. I’m also old enough to know that the show doesn’t last forever.

I know that I’m not the smartest person in every room and if I am, I’m standing in the wrong room.

I’ve also learned what I should be doing with my time and with my life, and what I shouldn’t.

Spreadsheets are one of them. God I hate spreadsheets.

They suck the life out of me. Instant migraines.

For me, spreadsheets are a problem and they cause me to lose focus, motivation and creativity.

And I need all of those things leading 4 businesses, writing a few thousands words a day and filming videos from dawn till dusk.

I don’t want to wake up in 30 years and realize I’ve spent my life doing something that drives me bat-shit cray.

So I did what you should do when you run into something that sucks the life out of you.

I stopped doing spreadsheets.

Life is too short. And I got things to do. People to help. A world to change.

Now, let’s not limit the stuff that sucks out your life to just spreadsheets.

I’ve eliminated, delegated or outsourced a lot of other things in my life as well. Things like laundry, mowing the lawn, scheduling calls, booking travel, graphic design or coding websites. I don’t mess with HR and paperwork.

Instead I focus my time working with my unique abilities. Writing, speaking, marketing, being creative, helping people, teaching and creating revenue for each of the 4 companies I run or am partners in.

Life Is Too Short To Do Anything But Your Unique Abilities

It’s a word I first heard Dan Sullivan talk about.

Greg Rollett and Dan Sullivan at the EXPY Awards CEO, Greg Rollett and Dan Sullivan at the EXPY Awards

Dan describes your Unique Ability in 4 pieces:

  • First, it is a superior ability that other people notice and value
  • Second, we love doing it and want to do it as much as possible
  • Third, it is energizing both for us and others around us; and,
  • Fourth, we keep getting better, never running out of possibilities for further improvement

Most People Live Their Lives Doing Things That Restrict Their Unique Abilities

They work jobs that restrict their ability to do things that people will notice and value. They hate their jobs and resort to happy hours and a few 3-day vacations a year just to get away. They suck down energy drinks and coffee just to keep their eyeballs from bleeding and are bored with their personal and professional lives.

That is no way to live.

I for one want more from life than boredom and exhaustion caused by the job description that someone has created for me.

It’s why I encourage all young people to start a business, or at least build a side hustle.

It’s why we find people who don’t put restrictions on how to express themselves and their unique ability.

It’s why Uber is killing it with 20-somethings who love their freedom to do the things they want to do with their life and work when they want to support that lifestyle.

Finding The Intersection Of Unique Ability And Making Money

Ah, but Greg, people won’t pay me to eat pizza and watch the sunset. Touche.

At the same token, most things in life come with choice. You get to choose where you live. Where you work. How you make money. Where you go out to eat. What you put in your body and what you put into your mind.

It’s all opt-in media.

You chose it.

  • You chose to go on that job interview and accept a position that you loathe.
  • You chose the apartment complex or condo or home that you live in. No one forced you into it.
  • You chose to eat at Chilli’s for the 100th time, knowing it’s going to suck and make you feel like crap instead of heading to the new healthy spot all the skinny people are getting their take-out from.
  • You choose to watch the Walking Dead instead of listening to a Ted Talk.
  • You chose to go to the bar and wake up hungover instead of staying in, building your business and getting a new paying customer that can help you move out of the apartment, quit the job and eat at the fancy restaurant.

All of these are choices.

They are choices that either move you towards working with your unique abilities, or move you further into a life that you will regret.

I don’t want to see anyone wake up and realize that they are the real life version of Milton from Office Space.

But it starts with you. And your choices. I chose not to do spreadsheets. Because life is too short to be working on fucking spreadsheets.

Greg Rollett is the founder of and knows that the people that create his spreadsheets are probably reading this. He hopes that one day they will take his advice and realize that they too can live an Ambitious Life if they focus on their unique abilities.

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Greg Rollett

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