Do This One Thing And You’ll Never Be Broke

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Written by: Greg Rollett | October 13

Two words. Solve Problems.

  • Solve big problems and you’ll make big money.
  • Solve little problems and you’ll make little money.
  • Solve no problems and you’ll be broke.

Think about this from an entry level worker’s perspective. Someone working the fry station at McDonald’s is not solving a very big problem.

You might even be thinking, what problem is the fry guy solving?

He is solving the problem of needing hot fries for an overweight customer’s Super Sized value meal.

That is not a big problem and thus he is paid accordingly.

Bill Gates on the other hand solves big problems. Like getting 1.4 billion people to use your software.

He lets people work faster, harder and smarter at their keyboard of choice.

One of my mentors and someone I’ve spent a fair amount of time with over the past year, Peter Diamandis has stated that to make a billion dollars, you need to impact a billion people.

Greg Rollett and Peter DiamandisGreg Rollett & Peter Diamandis at the X-Prize Office in LA

He’s not wrong.

If your goal is to make six figures at your job, or build a million dollar business, you need to start solving 6 figure or million dollar problems.

No matter how good you get at dropping frozen french fries into the fryer, or how long you work at McDonald’s, you’ll never be solving a 6-figure problem.

The good news is…

There Are A Lot Of Problems You Can Solve.

You can solve problems for small businesses by writing emails that generate sales from prospects. Doing so has built a great lifestyle business for John McIntyre.

You can help women lose weight like Cassey Ho or Coach Crystal.

You can shoot videos, take photos, inspire people through live concerts or create killer country music for the world to listen to.

You can start a business, or you can change jobs and solve bigger problems at bigger organizations.

Start Predicting Problems And Seeing The Future

If you can predict problems that will occur in the future, you will never have to worry about money again.

Think about the California Gold Rush in the 1800’s. There was a great opportunity to find gold out in San Francisco. But everyone had one major, burning problem. They needed picks and axes.

The problem was solved by the real entrepreneurs and opportunity seekers of the time.

Today, young people have the opportunity to be at the forefront of the problems that technology will bring.

Young leaders like Zuckerberg, Travis Kalanick and Brian Chesky are creating brand new ecosystems and economies that drive a whole host of new problems the world has never seen before.

Think of all the problems that Facebook has created.

  • There are problems with how to run ads on the platform.
  • How to manage a business page.
  • How to create a cover photo.
  • How to get more fans.
  • How to create engaging content.
  • How to post videos that get millions of views.
  • How to create rules for using Facebook with HR.

All of these are problems that never existed before. And the mavericks who are working day in and day out to solve these problems are making out the same way that the pick sellers did in the Gold Rush.

There Is Gold Everywhere You Turn

Peter Diamandis also talks about the time we live in as the most abundant in any time of human history.

You might be sitting at home, broke and confused about what to do with your life and not agree with me or Peter. But it’s true.

Technology is the great equalizer. There is no secret information anymore. There are very small barriers to creating a business or a side hustle to bring in extra cash to live your ambitious life.

All you need to do is solve a problem. And then slap a price tag in front of it.

Do that, and you’ll never be broke.

Greg Rollett is the founder of and realized there was a huge problem with young people who were setting for ordinary lives during their most ambitious years – their 20’s. So he did something about it and now writes, speaks and inspires young people all over the world to live more ambitiously.

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