7 Ambitious Lessons You Can Learn From Alex “Nemo” Hanse

Lessons From Alex Nemo Hanse
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Written by: Lindsey Ferguson | December 22

Ever been in that weird place where you think you have a cool idea for something, but you’re not sure turn that idea into a reality?

You might be scared, lacking resources or know-how, whatever the case may be, we want to clue you in on a little secret; sitting around just thinking about it, isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Your crazy ideas are not unreachable.

It takes ambition and the perfect storm of ambitious actions and attributes to set those ideas in motion. Here are seven ambitious things you can learn right from the mouth of Foolies Clothing co-Founder Alex “Nemo” Hanse on how you can go from “just some guy with an idea” to upwardly mobile millennial.

1. He Created a BRAND

“A foolie is a person so driven, so passionate and inspired to live out their goals and dreams that they’re called “fools”.

2. He’s Developed a HUSTLER’S SPIRIT

“High school’s when I started selling chips and juice. Then I started realizing as I made my way into college, the cool kids are trying to do something else, the cool kids are trying to change things, they’re trying to break the rules…”


“Really the beginning of Foolies came from me and my co-founder, ironed the word ‘Foolies’ on a shirt.”


“We would wear the shirts to different shows, and I would do a little opening act. I was just trying to make moves, make anything happen.”

5. He puts in the WORK

“I go to middle schools and high schools a lot to talk to children, talk to students.


“I have kids that have asked me about investments and stocks. These are the things that they care about. They want to start businesses; and when I go in there it’s their first time actually having someone say, ‘You know what? You can do that! You can do whatever it is you want to do’.”


“My goal and now my whole purpose is to help them, and so that’s why with the company we have the scholarship initiative…”

Want to see more from Alex “Nemo” Hanse, check out the full interview with the Ambitious team below.

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