Mark Zuckerberg’s Ambitious Resolutions

Mark Zuckerberg New Year Resolutions
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Written by: Greg Rollett | September 16

What do you still need to accomplish when you are a 31-year old worth $33 billion?

A lot it seems.

In a revealing profile in October 2015’s Esquire Magazine, journalist Tom Junod shared the intimate secrets of what the young billionaire has dared to do every year since 2010.

While you might make a resolution to lose weight or start writing in your journal, Mark has publicly attempted to do something that scares him, and pushes him out of his comfort zone.

From the profile,

“I spend so much of my time running the company, I want to be able to do things outside of that too. I find that New Year’s Resolutions are a good way to force myself to do that. I had one resolution that led me to start cooking a lot, something that I love to do with my wife all the time now.”

And what are these resolutions that Zuck has set out to conquer:

2010 – Learn Mandarin

2011 –  Eat meat only from animals he killed

2012 – Write code every day

2013 – Meet someone from outside Facebook everyday

2014 – Send a thank you note to someone every day, preferably hand-written

2015 – Read a book every 2 weeks

If the busiest 31-year old on the planet, running the business that impacts more people on the planet than anyone (on August 27th, 1 in 7 people on the planet used Facebook) can learn Mandarin, and then use it in a 30-minute town hall, what can you do?

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