7 Ways Lewis Howes Sweats Out Greatness In Everything He Does

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Written by: Greg Rollett | November 06

After executing a stellar campaign that shot his book, The School Of Greatness, to the New York Times Best-Seller List (congrats!), I thought it would only be fitting to share 7 ways Lewis Howes, a young and ambitious rock star, sweats out greatness in everything he does.

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1. Lewis interviews world class leaders every week on his iTunes Chart Topping Podcast

School Of Greatness Podcast
Want one good reason to start a Podcast? This is it. You control a media channel that gives you access to interview some of the most influential people on the planet.

From Personal Development giant Tony Robbins, to Julianne Hough to the guy behind Justin Beiber, Scooter Braun, Lewis has stepped up and gotten inside the minds of the cream of the crop and uses their lessons to impact and empower his thousands upon thousands of loyal listeners.

Check out the School Of Greatness podcast here now.


2. He Knows Where His Tribe Is And He Goes And Recruits Them

Lewis Howes Facebook Ad
Lewis isn’t above knocking on doors and putting flyers on cars. He’s just smarter than that and knows how to leverage social media better than most.

For his podcast, his products and services go right to the source that has his best students waiting for his warming message to wake them up from their day dreaming cubicle — Facebook.

With ads like the one above, it’s no wonder his tribe continues to grow day in and day out…


3. He Has Systems That Allow Him To Live The Ultimate Lifestyle

Look, you don’t get to create a globe trotting empire overnight and you also can’t continue to grow your lifestyle business if you are still a slave to it.

Lewis has created systems for teaching his core lessons via online training programs and webinars that allow him to talk to and connect with hundreds to thousands of eager potential students at once.

This allows Lewis to do the high level tasks in his business like marketing, growing his tribe and enjoying the fruits of his very hard work.


4. He Uses Mass Media To Compliment His Social Media Skills

Lewis Howes on Fox and Friends (School of Greatness)

This is the secret no one wants to tell you. TV, while some will tout as dying, is still TV. It still has a massive audience and massive impact on the mass population. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone on the planet has cut cable and only watches shows on Netflix or their Apple TV.

He also knows the power of magazines and major publishers.

During his book launch promotion Lewis was seen in and on Fox and Friends, the Huffington Post, Men’s Health Magazine, People.com and other major media outlets getting the word out and to drum up book sales.

When you are growing your business, you need to be smart and targeted about your dollars. But, if your goal is to impact millions and change the world, you still need mass media to get into the hearts and the homes of the world at large.


5. He Has Built An Extremely Powerful Media Platform Of His Own

Lewis Howes on Instagram

While Lewis does go out and get interviewed and featured in other people’s media, he drives them all back to his media platforms that include his podcast, his social media accounts and his email list.

This allows Lewis to create influence and drive sales on demand. When you have direct access to your tribe you can call your own shots and make your own rules.

Just writing an email and sending them out to your tribe can result in thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in sales when you have something of value to offer.

Having your own platform is akin to having your own magazine or tv channel where you control the content, the distribution and the commercial offerings.

That’s power and is one of the fastest paths towards achieving greatness in your own life and business.


6. He Has A Network Of Incredible Friends

When you need help sharing your message, do you have friends that can actually move the needle?

Lewis does. They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with and Lewis hangs with people that have huge influence, big businesses and major access to raving fans.

From Ramit Sethi to Gary Vee to Chalene Johnson to Neil Strauss, each stopped pushing their own agendas to help Lewis and together they did something great.

Who are you spending time with? Who are you trying to network with? Who can you start helping and adding value to?

Listen to this episode of the Ask Gary Vee Show to hear how Lewis and Gary connected.

7. He Continues To Tell His Story

Lewis Howes Pro Football
Pro football player. Got injured. Started playing on LinkedIn. Got good at it. Started teaching other people. Started a podcast. Released a book.

This is the quick version of the Lewis Howes story.

And he tells it in every interview he does. Every single one.


It’s the same reason you see Batman’s parents get killed at the start of every Batman movie. It’s why you see krypton blow up or the spider bite Peter Parker.

We are affected and impacted by stories.

They touch us and move us in ways that facts and tactics never will. We remember stories. We connect with them. You must learn to tell your story. And you need to keep telling it again and again and again. Just like Lewis. His story is part of what makes him great.

Want more from Lewis? Then do what I did and buy his new book, The School of Greatness. Then go do something to make yourself live a great and more ambitious life.

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