Throw Knives Like Jason Bourne and 10 Other Crazy Adventures Money Can Buy You

Adventure Travel Like Jason Bourne
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Written by: Greg Rollett | August 04

Admit it.

You wake up every morning wanting to be a bit more badass like Jason Bourne.

We do too. And, we found the service that can help you do it.

Take a look at 11 Bourne-inspired adventures you can book right now on Taste Of Blue:

Pilot a Fighter Jet

1.Do -4g Aerial Maneuvers On A Russian L-39 Fighter Jet

Take off in Florida, New York, Cali or Paris and feel like Maverick with Goose as your co-pilot.


Hike Through Mt Kilimanjaro

2. Hike Through Africa’s Kilimanjaro

Because who doesn’t like hiking in 100 degree weather for 7 days?


photo by @shenamt

photo by @shenamt

3. Live Like Kim Kardashian For A Day

6 fans, 3 paparazzi, 3 bodyguards and a bunch of confused onlookers wondering what reality show you just got kicked off of.


jason bourne

4. Become Jason Bourne Without The Amnesia

Just another day at the office when you have to jump out of a moving car, chuck some knives at CIA operatives and escape from being captured, all while skipping out from the casino on your Vegas vacation.


crush a car with a tank

5. Crush A Car With A Tank

Kinda like Gravedigger from one of those monster truck rallies, but way, way cooler.


photo by @nickdryz

photo by @nickdryz

6. Forget The Caddie And The Cart, Play 18 By Helicopter

Only in Ireland can you hop from hole to hole by helicopter. Bonus points to finish all 36, have a few cold ones and not fall out of the chopper.


Photo by Angel

Photo by Angel

7. Spending 3 Days Trying To Wreck A $100k Baja Race Car

Just north of the Mexican border, in San Diego, you will spend 3 days doing your best to take your Baja Race Car 80+ mph through the tricky washes at El Alamo on through Ojos Negros, and finally in the shower back at Estero Beach.



8. If Ronda Rousey Hung Out With Jason Bourne

Strictly for the badass women of the world, these ladies came to Vegas to shoot a crossbow, throw knives, shoot guns and become an even better escape artist.


israeli-shooting adventure

9. Pop Some Caps Like An Israeli Militant

With one of the most insane tactical forces on the planet, this is your 2-day intensive on shooting big guns when it matters — from an ISIS attack to a zombie invasion.



10. Get Supersonic In A Russian Spacecraft

For every kid that dreamt of being Han Solo or Captain Kirk, this flight gets you 13.7 miles away from this little blue planet. Barf bag not included.


explore africa on a jet

11. Jet Hop Around Africa

For those with $80 grand laying around, round up 40 of your friends and explore 17 countries in 19 days. Includes your own traveling bell boy. (The staff at is happy to tag along.)


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