Is The Hustle Worth It?

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Written by: Greg Rollett | June 01

Entrepreneurship is cool. Blame Zuckerberg for that. Or the movie about him where Justin Timberlake egged him on to create a company worth billions of dollars.

Today entrepreneurs are looked up to the same way I looked up to rappers with the gold chains and Buggati’s. It has also created a false reality where 20-something fresh out of college think they can take an idea and exit for millions of dollars in just a few months if they work 24/7 until their eyes bleed.

The problem with this is striking it rich, although possible, is about as probable as being the next Steph Curry. More likely, you can work extremely hard, play your role and create a really nice living for you and your family.

In this Ambitious Original, I explore the reason why you are working so hard in the first place and challenge you to look in the future 10-20-30 years and think about the things you’ll regret when you are posting another blog, or sending another email or working till you pass out.

To me, entrepreneurship is a means to a better life. It is not the life itself.

I am lucky, I get to wake up everyday and do something that excites me. I am also lucky in that I get paid to do it. But I won’t do it if it costs me time away from teaching Colten to hit a baseball or miss Ryder’s first big milestones. I’ve created a business that allows me to have more of those moments, while also being able to work hard and support myself and my family.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you are working for in the comments below.

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Greg Rollett

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