From Irish Castles To Treehouses: 20 Airbnb Rentals Almost Too Amazing To Be True

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Written by: Paige Watts | September 08

Bored with your standard hotel room?

Well, we’ve found 20 out-of-the-ordinary Airbnb spaces that will make your vacation completely unforgettable — without breaking the bank.

1. Cave House

Granada, Spain

For $58 a day, Katherine will show you how the locals have been living since ancient times – in a cave.

2. Covered Bridge

Nevada City, California, USA

Featured on HGTV, Giudita and George have designed this New York loft-style home that’s quaint on the outside and sleek on the inside. Stay here for $199 per night.

3. Airplane Apartment

St. Michael Chef Chef, France

Prepare for take off! For $103 per night, Guillaume provides you with a decked-out airplane suite and a swimming pool with a water slide! Priorities are in order here.

4. George Washington Slept Here

St. Stephens Church, Virginia, USA

This 1760 farmhouse was where George Washington would stop and rest on his travels between Washington and Williamsburg. Agnes is happy to have you for $100 per night.

5. 15th Century Feudal Castle

Cashel, Tipperary, Ireland

John and his family invite you to Hackett Castle, a 15th century tower house where you will have the 5th story suite all to yourself for $168 per night. This is my dream. I would die happy after staying here.

6. Rainforest Tree House

Cooper, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Kathy and Bernie give you access to a comfortable tree house, a 35 acre rainforest reserve, and natural hot and cool springs for $105 per night at this authentic Costa Rica getaway.

7. Dog Bark Park Inn

Cottonwood, Idaho, USA

“Responsible dogs who arrive with their well-behaved humans are welcome to stay” in this giant beagle-shaped inn with Frances and Dennis for $98 per night.

8. St Pancras Clock Tower

London, UK

Because staying in any old clock tower is just too basic. Peter invites you to stay at this mini apartment within Sir George Gilbert Scott’s gothic revival railway clock tower and take in the views of London for $238 per night.

9. Renovated Bus

Bromma, Stockholmslän, Sweden

It’s like camping out in an RV, but you don’t have to worry about driving the huge thing. Stina and Jon have transformed the bus into a comfortable living space with a rooftop deck surrounded by forest. Stay here for $61 per night.

10. Train Caboose

Agoura Hills, California, USA

Enjoy a romantic weekend with a view of the Santa Monica Mountains and glimpsing the occasional wild peacock. Diana and Douglas give you this unique experience for $195 per night.

11. The Boot

Tasman, Tasman, New Zealand

Steve and Judy have created a house right out of a fairy tale and made it the perfect fit for two. There’s two of everything, just as cozy as can be, for $198 per night. And you can feed eels!

12. Beach-Front Lighthouse

Medulin, Croatia

This secluded home allows you to have the perfect getaway for $289 per night. You can lay out on the rocks or scuba dive to the sunken boat, and Slaven and Tijana will even take you to their family island free of charge.

13. Mirrored House

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

This house lets you take a good hard look at yourself as it’s covered with mirrors inside and out. Martin and Jesha open up their home with its original artworks to you for $165 per night.

14. Windmill Villa

Thira, South Aegean, Greece

See one of the best sunsets in the world, the vineyards and the Aegean Sea from the luxury of a windmill for $324, courtesy of Nikos, the son of windmill’s civil engineer and architect.

15. Teepee Camp

Greifenstein, Germany

Teepees in Germany – makes perfect sense. Sanni offers giant teepees that sleep 15 people, meditation retreats, workshops and pure happiness for $28 per night.

16. Fairy-Tale Gingerbread House

Geysersville, California, USA

This earthen tiny house is fit for a fairy! DeTraci provides this house as part of the Isis Oasis Retreat that also includes the Hobbit House. Rent out this sweet space for $120 per night.

17. Teak-Wood Boathouse

Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

Saral wants you to stay on this Chinese wooden boat named Moksha and visit Ocean Park, which is apparently much better than Hong Kong Disneyland. Stay here for $88 per night.

18. Astronomic Hotel

Paiguano, Coquimbo, Chile

ElquiDomos is one of 7 astronomic hotels in the world. Their geodesic domes have detachable roofs that let you open up to the sky above your bed. Get this unique star-gazing experience for $190 per night.

19. Renovated Sheep Wagon

Shirley Basin, Wyoming, USA

The Hewardfamily are happy to share their history with you through a stay in the renovated 1920s sheep wagon for $100 per night.

20. Sea Shell House

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Michelle wants the world to know about her friends Raquel and Eduardo who designed and built this incredible space and who will be your hosts at this island paradise for $249 per night.

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