Get To Know The Guy Who Started A Movement By Telling You To Act Like An Absolute Fool

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Written by: Kimberlee Bochek | November 03

via Alex Nemo Hanse Facebook / Couch Fuzz photography

Alex Hanse, founder of Foolies Limited Clothing Company, which aims to inspire millennials to live out their dreams no matter how big or bold, is not only quickly becoming a respectable figure in the apparel space — but he’s also just a really awesome guy.

The team had the chance to sit down with Alex and get to know how he went from selling chips and juice in school to launching a full blown movement with his motivational tee-shirts that feature encouraging sayings like “Dream Without Limits” and “Faith Over Fear”.

I always enjoy the question: "So Alex, how are you going to scale the business? You can't write letters to millions of customers? You gotta think about the bottom line." Just an FYI the bottom line, or the end game, or the "margin" will always be people. As the business changes I will adapt and so will the team. When the orders get too large I will find another way to impact lives. But when I have a the moment or an opportunity to shape lives with my words, then I will. Why? Because people need and deserve that extra beat of encouragement. And this is the way to do it while I can. Don't scale your purpose ladies and gentlemen. You will adjust and adapt as you need to. Don't put yourself in a unnecessary hole due to pride. But always remember your WHY and always remember why you started your journey in the first place. #Foolies10K #Millennials #WhatIsYourWhy #PeopleMatter #KeepGoing #LiveWithoutLimits #MakingStrides Visit our bio and/or if you are on FB: Be good my friends!

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Alex also includes a handwritten, personalized note with each purchase in which he hopes sparks some fire in budding entrepreneurs. Foolies Clothing carries a powerful message in the form of well-designed, vibrant tee-shirts and quickly makes any hesitation to join his mission to inspire millennials to live out their dreams appear silly, self-hindering, and quite honestly, foolish.

Take a look at our interview below:

You can get more information on Foolies Clothing and Alex’s ambitious journey here:

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