Finally A Paleo Bread Alternative That Doesn’t Suck

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Written by: Greg Rollett | July 07

The worst thing about the Paleo Diet is that you can’t just grub out on a mouthwatering sandwich for lunch. Firehouse, Jimmy Johns and Jersey Mike’s be damned. Their subs rock, but they won’t make your abs rock solid.

I’ve tried the lettuce wrap subs, but they just don’t cut it.

While sitting by the pool reading another yet diet and lifestyle book, The Wild Diet from Abel James, I came across a recipe for pulled pork sandwiches served on Plantain Pancakes.

I didn’t pay attention to the pork recipe, but I immediately ripped out the Plantain recipe.

That afternoon I trekked into the supermarket in my board shorts and flip-flops and grabbed a bunch of plantains, some eggs and some grass-fed ghee to coat the pan.

The result was bad ass. Tasted great. The Plantain Pancake still gave me the feel of eating a sandwich, while remaining light and Paleo friendly.

Here’s what we did:

  • We found 2 large non-ripe green plantains and peeled them. We then threw the good stuff in the Vitamix (but any blender will do).
  • We took 4 eggs and cracked them into the blender.
  • Then we blended it up till it looked like traditional pancake mix.
  • We grabbed a pan and started heating it up. Once it was getting nice and hot, we scooped some ghee and put it on the pan. Then it was time to make pancakes.

That’s it. No, really, that’s it.

You can add some flavor to them with vanilla extract or some stevia drops, but we didn’t opt for that. We like to keep it simple with 2 little kids running us around.

Once we had the pancakes all cooked up, we just added the meat of the day to them and voila, you now have a Paleo, carb-less, gluten free way to still have the feel of bread without the guilt your CrossFit buddies will place on you in the morning for caving into the temptation of a bread filled dinner.

Looking for some inspiration for what to put on your Plantain Pancakes? We love grilling up turkey burgers or slow cooking BBQ pork or chicken to stuff our Plantain Pancake Sandwiches. The Plantain Pancakes pictured above even have pumpkin flavoring inside. Next on the list is attempting the ham melt, and even salmon patties.

The next time you start craving bread, take a look at your abs, look for this post and whip up an alternative to bread that simply doesn’t suck.

What’s your favorite bread alternative? Share this post and let us know what ambitious substitutes you are adding in your diet.

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