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how the ambitious succeed faster
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Written by: Greg Rollett | June 22

“All good things come to those who wait.”

That sentence makes me crazy. It’s not a sentence for people who want to go places in life. It’s not a sentence for people who are living a life of ambition.

The ambitious person does things different.

People with ambition have one speed – fast and furious. Just like the movies, the action is quick. The timing is quick. They try to step one step ahead, and are ready to react to change at a second’s notice.

They sacrifice a little today to live an ambitious life tomorrow.

As a society we reward the fastest and the strongest.

We reward those who wake up at 5am to hit the gym, get in an hour of writing and preparation before the rest of the world hits the snooze button twice and heads for the coffee machine.

We love The Rock on social media because he lives the life we are not willing to work for. He was up early. Goes to the gym at 4am. Is on set for 12-16-18 hours at a time. Then has time to meet fans, eat 6X per day, walk the red carpet and be in the ring for Wrestlemania the next night.

Are you willing to work like The Rock

Most of us aren’t willing to make that sacrifice.

I see the life Ryan Seacrest has (someone who I admire and study) and know that I personally am not willing to sacrifice the way he has to have what he has. That is true self-awareness.

Let’s bring this back to you and your level of ambition.

Two weeks ago we had a great live class with Jess Todtfeld, a PR and Media Coach. In the class he shared the exact pitch template that will get you on TV.

Jess Todtfeld's Media & PR Secret Weapons
(Click here to learn more about this Masterclass.)

We had hundreds of ambitious people watching live. Dozens more purchased on demand access to the class.

By the time the 4-hour live class was over, we heard from 2 really ambitious students who had already taken the pitch that Jess deconstructed for them live and had reached out to local TV networks that same day.

They have both since been featured on TV.

They didn’t wait. They didn’t think about it and try to do it over the weekend or when they had more time.

They acted. Fast. And great things happen.

We think people are not going to pay attention to us. We think that everyone is bombarded with too many things on our plates to care about you.

The truth is, the majority of people in this world don’t take action. They wait. They sit and wait for someone to discover them.

No One Is Just Going To Discover You

I’m writing this on a plane to Phoenix to meet with 40 entrepreneurs all running multi-million dollar businesses in every conceivable industry. On this 4-hour flight I am doing research and outreach for my new travel show, Ambitious Adventures.

ambitious adventures - millennial travel show

We are launching a Kickstarter for the show on July 11th. You can learn more about it here.

No one gave me a show. No one flew down to Orlando and told me I should host a travel show and get it on TV.

I’m making it happen. Funding it initially with my own money. Now turning to the crowd and throwing down all my cards to make it happen. And if it fails the funding goal (which won’t with awesome support from awesome people like you!), guess what?

I’ll still go film the show.

I’ll find a way.

I don’t have a TV network backing me. But I’m working 24/7 to get the attention of networks.

I’m looking at alternative distribution through media companies like Go90, Verizon’s exclusive mobile media network.

Companies like Awesomeness TV. I’m looking at show runners and reality TV production companies. I’m searching for agents and roles in other shows and commercials to boost my street cred in the industry.

I’m on the phone with people who will Tweet and post and Podcast and blog about the show and the Kickstarter campaign. I’m working on sponsors who don’t want to give me money.

And we are doing this with a Fast and Furious mindset.

I don’t have patience to wait till a producer “discovers” me.

You shouldn’t have patience to wait till your customer “discovers” you.

You shouldn’t have patience to wait till your Podcast or video show or digital course is perfect.

You shouldn’t have patience to sit at your day job and hope an opportunity jumps on your lap.

You shouldn’t have patience to create a life you actually want to live. A life that you control. A life where you spend your time on projects that excite you and allow you to work in a constant flow state.

You shouldn’t have patience to think things will just get better tomorrow.

Things get better tomorrow when you act fast and furiously to make tomorrow better.

When you open doors. When you kick down doors. When you take risks. When you direct how you spend your time and who you spend it with.

Today I want to know…

What are you patiently waiting to happen in your life?

Drop a comment with what you are waiting for.

It could be a promotion. It could be perfect timing to launch your company. It could be ending a relationship. It could be getting your own TV show.

It doesn’t matter. Just make a public declaration (to me) that you will no longer wait patiently. That you will stop making excuses and will do something about your future. About your life. About every minute that you have left.

Let me hold you accountable. And give you some words of encouragement to make the change. And to do it fast. And furious.

Here’s to your ambitions.

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