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Written by: Greg Rollett | April 19

Digital learning is a big industry.

According to data and research from Global Industry Analysts, e-Learning was to hit $107 billion in 2015.

You might not be familiar with the term e-Learning, but I bet you’ve bought or invested in some type of educational program that wasn’t created by a University.

Maybe it was a set of Tony Robbins tapes or a CD set from Brian Tracy.

Maybe you’ve taken an online cooking class, or have a stash of P90X DVD’s hidden under your bed with the shrink wrapping still on.

No matter what caused you to take your own credit card out and buy a course online, you probably understand the power in creating your own digital course. Plus, creating online courses is one of the best ways to pass on the things you know and teach others to improve their life or grow their business.

Let me take you back down memory lane. You see, when I was in my early 20’s I spent most of my weekends playing in dive bars up and down the state of Florida, trying to make it as a hip-hop/rock band. When my playing days were over I had to find something to do to support my new wife and our new life together.

As luck would have it, my in-laws dragged me to a conference that was all about selling products on the Internet. I was in awe. I bought everything that was sold at that event and 3 weeks later I was selling bird feeders and hammocks online.

Selling Hammocks Online

Yup, bird feeders and hammocks. My big break!

As I was trying to build my online business with these products I found my way onto forums and long sales pages for eBooks and online courses that promised to help me grow my business, improve my Google Ad results and increase my SEO rankings.

After spending a few hundred of my last dollars online I started to see that the people selling the training programs had it made. They had little to no margins and a high price point.

Here I was selling hammocks for $120, spending a few dollars in Yahoo to get someone to click on my ad and then only profiting maybe $10 per hammock after the marketing costs and the costs of the hammock.

That’s when the lightbulb went off. 

Instead of the $10 profit margins, what if I could double that, or triple that or 10X that by selling things I knew through video?

And that’s exactly what I did. A few weeks later I produced my first digital course. Now, I’m a firm believer in only teaching the things you know so well that you don’t need notes or a prompt to talk about it. With that in mind, I created my first course for musicians, teaching them how to book shows and make more money as a musician.

new-music-economy(excerpts from my first digital course, The New Music Economy)

This was the world I came from. I spoke their language. I looked like them. I was a hustler in that world.

By being authentic to this market I was able to build a big brand in the music marketing market and sell thousands of these courses to musicians all over the world. It has changed my life completely.

Over the past 5 years we’ve created hundreds of these courses and sold thousands more ranging from courses about safety for contractors, marketing and sals tips for plumbers, orthodontist secrets and even courses for guys like Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber and Tom Hopkins.

greg rollett and dan kennedy

(on set with Nick Nanton, Dan Kennedy and Dave Dee during the launch of our Living Legends Product)

Now, what in the world does this trip down memory lane have to do with you?

A lot, actually.

People in the world right now need the knowledge you have stored in your brain that you take for granted. I call this micro-education.

There are 2 types of micro-education. The first are the things we either have a very specific interest in, like how to play the guitar or hit a golf ball farther or cook paleo friendly meals on the grill.

The second kind of micro-education are the skills someone needs to grow their business or take their life to the next level, suck as learning how to do Facebook advertising, improving their proficiency in MicroSoft Excel or how to ace a job interview.

You might not think there is a huge market for something like teaching MicroSoft Excel or learning how to shoot great photos. A little digging and research will tell you otherwise.

Microsoft Excel Course

This course by Infinite Skills has been purchased by 67,251 students.

Even at just $50 per course that amounts to $3,362,550. I’d say that’s a lot of money for teaching a beginner’s course.


Here’s a course that shows photographers which cameras and lenses they should buy. Another 65,900 students have enrolled into this course.

Even if you are in a professional industry, there are a lot of options to teach the things you know. 

If you are an attorney for example, you might want to create a digital course about persuasion or story telling or how to negotiate, all the things you do in the courtroom.

If you are a financial advisor, instead of hosting expensive steak dinners for retirees, what if you created a digital training program that taught the same things you teach in your seminars, but was delivered online and progressed your leads through an educational system that pre-qualified them and got they excited to work with you?

Plus, if you are at the top of your industry and other professionals are always asking for your advice to help grow their business, you can always create a course that helps them. Maybe you’re a real estate agent that has excelled at selling lakefront properties, you can create a course that helps other agents to sell more lakefront properties and grow their own real estate business.

As long as you are creating something where you truly are the expert, you now have a captive audience that wants to learn these micro-skills and are willing to pay for it (to the tune of $107 billion last year alone).

The only question now is, what are you going to teach?


Want to create your own digital course, but don’t know what product you should create, or how to create it? Grab a copy of our new course, The Ambitious Guide To Creating A Digital Course. 

Click here to learn more now.

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