Ambitious Adventures TV Show

The Most Ambitious Week Ever

Ambitious Adventures goes live on July 11th!

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Nothing Beats A Great Story

What story are you telling about your business?

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how the ambitious succeed faster

How To Change Your Life Faster And Furiously

You shouldn’t have patience to think things will just get better tomorrow. Things get better tomorrow when you act fast and furiously to make tomorrow better.

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3 Simple Ways To Get More Media Coverage For Your Ambitious Business

I started my Monday morning today by being interviewed on the Dreamaholics […]

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Is The Hustle Worth It?

In this Ambitious Original, Greg Rollett challenges you to think about why you are working so hard and to look 20 years into the future at the regrets you will have in your life by not creating a business that supports your lifestyle instead of becoming your lifestyle.

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How to be more authentic

3 Quick Ways To Be More Authentic

When the world is telling you to fit in, how can you be more authentic?

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how to set and track business goals

11 Ways to Track Your Short and Long-Term Goals

We love setting goals. We even love dreaming and talking about accomplishing […]

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The Morning Rituals Of Young Entrepreneurs

10 Young Entrepreneurs Reveal The Morning Routine That Powers Them Through The Day

We talked to 10 members of the Young Entrepreneur Council to discover 3 things they do in the morning that give them enough energy to power through the day.

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you need to create a digital course

It’s Time You Created Your Own Digital Course

Come and get your piece of a $107 billion industry.

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how to execute on your business ideas

12 Simple Ways to Execute Your Newest Idea

What is the first thing you do when you want to execute […]

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how to be more productive

11 Ways To Escape Your Productivity Rut

What do you do when you aren’t feeling productive, but need to get something important done? We asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council for their best answers that help them get back on track and running their businesses.

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Episode 3: Why Entrepreneurs Need To Improve Education

In Episode 3 of Business and Bourbon, Greg goes solo and rants on why he believes the future of the world depends on providing access to education to empower the next generation of global entrepreneurs.

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Business And Bourbon Episode 2

Episode 2: Why Most Digital Training Courses Fail The Creator And The Buyer

In Episode 2 of Business & Bourbon, Greg Rollett and Los Silva break down the 3 essential skills you need to create a profitable digital training program or information product.

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are you a fish in a fish tank?

You Say You Want To Live A More Ambitious Life, Yet You Live Your Life Like A Fish In A Fish Tank

Most people live their life like a fish in a fish tank. […]

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15 Easy Ways to Incorporate Fitness Into Your Daily Routine

Part of living an Ambitious Life is being healthy enough to enjoy […]

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Business and Bourbon Episode 1 with Greg Rollett and Los Silva

Episode 1: The 3 Most Important Things To Focus On In Your Business

In Episode 1 of The Business And Bourbon Show, Los Silva and Greg Rollett share the 3 things every lifestyle entrepreneur needs to focus on in their business.

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Shout Out to Blogger Babes! 16 Twitter Chats to Find Your Creative Tribe

Are you hearing nothing but crickets on Twitter? Join one of these 16 communities to avoid talking to yourself on social media.

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12 foolproof ways to stay focused

12 Foolproof Habits for Staying Focused

We asked 12 members of the Young Entrepreneur Council how they stay focused when running their companies. This is what they had to say.

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Ambitious Advantage Episode 4: The Oscars

We’re chatting about The Oscars and 10 movies I think you should be watching.

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Ambitious Advantage Episode 2: Deadpool

In this episode we learn a little something from the release of “Deadpool” in not sitting on an idea forever and also listening to your audience.

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Ambitious Advantage Episode 1 – Tom Vann


In this first episode of the Ambitious Advantage we’re chatting with Tom Vann from “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.” Tom gives us his story of going from working in corporate America radio to owning his own business with his business partner Daniel Dennis. Together they run a podcast empire. Take a listen!

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downton abbey

14 Insanely Inspirational Life Lessons from Downton Abbey

Let’s take some time to remember all the quirks, sentiments and memories of the Downton estate as life lessons. Here’s 14 to help you pass the time before the season finale airs on March 6th.

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relationships and dating after tinder

A Tinder Addict’s Guide To Creating An Ambitious Relationship

When everyone is trying frantically to swipe right and swipe left to find a soul-mate, what happens when you actually find someone you want to keep?

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6 Easy Steps To Build Your Kick Ass Bonfire This Winter

Bonfires can be so much more interesting than getting drunk and staring at a fire as it ashes all over your new jeans.

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get off your phone and live your life

What The Hell, Bro?

Why you need to put the phone down and stop relying on happy hour to save your week.

Read More's Top 10 Posts From 2015

The 10 Most Popular Posts Of 2015

Coffee, sushi, comedians, speakeasies, androgynous models and soccer goalies.

Sounds like one hell of an ambitious year to me.

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are you doing what everyone else is doing?

Doing What Everyone Else Does Is Killing Your Startup

During our conversation, I ask Chris, “why don’t you switch your business model? Why don’t you look at things with a different mindset and way of thinking about your relationship with your artists?”

Chris replied, “oh, we can’t do that.”

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29 ambitious leaders

29 Visionaries Reveal How To Make 2016 The Most Ambitious Year Of Your Life

We hand-picked 29 of our ambitious friends who have done everything from writing Best-Selling books to helping hundreds of thousands of people start businesses to getting millions of people healthy and even taking photos while traveling the globe to share the #1 thing you can do to make 2016 The Most Ambitious Year Of Your Life.

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10 Ways To Not Be Dragged Down By Your Less Ambitious Friends

Friends don’t let friends feel guilty about their own success. Here’s how to be a better friend to those who don’t share your drive and how not to let them hold you back.

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how i met your mother

It’s Not HIMYM: 10 Things That Can Happen When You Move In With A Couple

It’s like living with your parents, but they’re comfortable enough to make-out in front of you.

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CliffsNotes For Every 2016 Presidential Candidate & Exactly What They Stand For

In one simple listicle for even the most politically-challenged individuals, we promise.

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Why Every 20-Something Needs To Learn To Love Sales

Ah, selling. From selling yourself on getting up off the couch to selling your friends on where to eat tonight or selling your boss to give you a raise, your ability to sell with determine your overall success in life.

Watch this new Ambitious video to fall in love with sales, even if you loathe the idea of cold calling or telemarketing or think sales is slimy and dirty.

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Every 20-Something Need To Create These 3 Hobbies

As you coast through your 20’s, how many of these 3 lifelong hobbies are you developing? How many do you need to find and create right now?

Find out in this new Ambitious Video from Greg Rollett.

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Will your 30-year old self thank you or hate you?

Will Your 30-Year Old Self Thank You Or Hate You?

What are you doing today to make sure that your 30-year old self will say thank you instead of “what the hell were you thinking.”

New video from Greg Rollett gives you some clues on how to plant the seeds today for a better life tomorrow.

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musicians guide

7 Things Every Rockstar Looking To Take Over The World Absolutely Needs To Know

“It’s not going to be easy. Nothing worth having ever is.”

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how to save money

10 Ways For 20-Somethings To Start Living Within Your Means

So essentially, that money you just threw at the bartender for another shitty light beer is your time and energy spent, and you’re going to dispose of half that beer in the urinal in about ten minutes.

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5 Foolproof Ways To Go From An Employee To A Full Time Entrepreneur

“You are going to experience the lowest of lows, but also the highest of the highs and through the whole roller coaster, you must have faith it will work.”

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Happy hour is not the highlight of your life

Happy Hour Should Not Be The Highlight Of Your Week

Watch this new video from Greg Rollett to find a way to live more ambitiously and not let happy hour be the best part of your week.

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This Just In: Champagne Can Actually Help Your Brain. 10 Bubbly Recipes To Celebrate

Drinking 1-3 glasses of champagne a week is now proven to improve your memory. Need I say more? Bottoms up!

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should you start a podcast

Why Every 20-Something Needs To Start A Podcast

Podcasting is “so hot” right now. But should you start one? Let Vernon Foster tell you why you need to get a Podcast launched to help your career, your network and help you to live a more ambitious life.

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10 Life Lessons I Learned From Writing My First Book

My hope is that you can take what I learned and use it to turn your dreams into reality.

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Listen Up: 15 Radio Shows and Podcasts To Ease That Work Commute

It’s not your grandparents’ favorite form of entertainment anymore.


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America’s First Weed Resort Is Every 20-Somethings Next Spring Break Destination

Just an hour after announcing the opening plans, America’s First Marijuana Resort already had 100 reservations.

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13 Things I Learned From Working At Barnes & Noble For Half A Decade

9. I F’ing Hate Adele


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10 Times Comedians Influenced Millennial Politics In A Big Way


And now, for 10 of the best, downright awkward moments in political satire history.

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A Real Business Isn’t All About Palm Trees And Umbrella Drinks

When you see reality stars popping bottles and spending extravagantly, you are sold a delusional lie that making money is easy. The truth is that it’s not hard, it just takes hard work. Grit. Hustle. And you can make money, help people and become successful if, and only if, you are willing to put in the work.

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13 Places You Never Thought To Look For Your Next Job

Your dream job could be hiding where you’d least expect it. Lucky for you, we put them all in this list.

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14 Things You Can Learn From Getting Punched In The Face By Ronda Rousey

The majority of us will not be stepping into the octagon any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something from Ronda’s armbar.

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What I Learned About People After Sitting In Target For Two And Half Hours

You might be surprised to find out what exactly goes down in the food aisles.

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To Inspire, You Must Be Inspired: 11 Instagram Accounts To Spice Up Your Timeline

For when you finally get tired of randos posting Minion memes, models posing with teeth whitening kits or badly lit selfies… here 11 accounts to bring your feed back to life.

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How To Get Paid To Do What You Love

Do you love helping people but there’s a roadblock stopping you from turning that love into something that pays your bills? In this new video from CEO Greg Rollett, he shares how to finally get off the hamster wheel and make something happen to alter the course of your life, and maybe make a sh!tl0ad of money in the process.

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30 Reasons You Should Be Stoked To Turn Thirty

It’s not about getting old, it’s about getting better.

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Why 20-Somethings Should Quit Their Job…Fast!

Do you wake up everyday and sit in rush hour traffic just to walk into a job that completely sucks? It’s time you stopped and hopped to something better. Ambitious CEO Greg Rollett shares why 20-somethings need to quit to get ahead.

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21 Reasons You Need To Adopt A Pet In Your 20’s

Why have kids when fur babies are so much better?

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Selfie-less Celebrities: 13 Stars That Used Their Fame To Give Back In 2015

These 13 superstars are proving that being a good person and giving back should always be #1 on your list, regardless of how many Instagram followers you have.

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11 Ways To Tame Your ADD From Going Wild In The Workplace

Stop seeing your ADD as a disadvantage and start making it your superpower.

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kanye west

15 Times Kanye West Answered All Our Presidential Questions In His Rap Lyrics

What was the very first thing Kim said after hearing the news? “She’s in the mirror dancing so sleazy, I get a call like, ‘Where are you, Yeezy?’” –Flashing Lights, 2007

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Stop Listening To Top-40 Radio And Start Listening To These 10 Awesome Artists

Because can you really stand to listen to another radio remix of T Swift or Selena? Do your ears a favor and check out some super talented new artists.

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phone addiction

11 Activities That Will Make You Want To Break Your Phone Addiction

Switch your addiction away from your phone and towards your environment — you won’t regret it.

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Navigating the Millennial Jobs Crisis: The Pros and Cons of Staying Home

Find out how to see your way through the other side of this job crisis that has many rethinking moving back in with the ‘rents.

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9 Ways To Be More Confident As An Introvert

It’s time to forget what’s generally taught and start practicing the best techniques for you.

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10 Things Every College Senior Needs Before Entering The Real World

Senior year is a beautiful time laced with excitement, nervousness and squeezing in any last bit of fun possible. Then the true struggle sets in — the real world. Here are 10 things you absolutely should not graduate without.

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Sleep-Lovers Delight: 21 Reasons Why Companies Should Want To Push The Work Start To 10 A.M.

From a scientific standpoint to straight up common sense, it’s incredible that companies haven’t caught on yet

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10 Ways To Make Money As A Musician In The New Age of Digital Sales And Streaming

Chris Goyzueta, founder and CEO for ONE LIVE Music & Sports Entertainment, explains how to build a successful career in the music industry in 10 awesomely easy steps. You have no excuse not to go out there and kill it after reading this.

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Boy do I hate spreadsheets

Life Is Too Short To Do Another Damn Spreadsheet

Do you wake up everyday doing only the things that energize you? Greg Rollett shares why this is the path of the ambitious and how to find your unique ability.

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The Top 10 Taco Tuesday Spots In All Of Orlando

Your Tuesday afternoon just got a wholeee lot tastier.

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Do This One Thing And You’ll Never Be Broke

Find out what Greg Rollett, founder of, has found is the key to making sure you never settle for less than the ambitious life.

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From Mac & Cheese To Martinis: 15 Recipes For All Things Pumpkin Spice

Fairly healthy recipes for your unhealthy pumpkin spice obsession. Spoiler Alert: Taylor Swift’s recipe is pretty much guaranteed to be your favorite

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11 Artists You Need To Be Following on Instagram Right Now

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of creative Instagram accounts to distract you from your timeline full of selfies.

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The Essentials This Hip-Hop Artist Takes With Him On Tour

When you hit the road to play 53 shows from coast to coast, you need some essentials to keep you at the top of your game. See what hip-hop artist Kap Kallous packs tight to ensure he brings it every night.

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the struggle is real for young entrepreneurs

Stop Trying To Skip The F’in Struggle

Young entrepreneurs have been trained to expect instant results. See why Greg Rollett believes you need to go through the struggle to have the ambitious life you desire.

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millennials are job hopping, so what

Why Every 20-Something Should Start Job Hopping

Greg Rollett looks at why (even as a boss of young rock stars) he feels 20-somethings should actually be job hopping to create leverage for their career… and their life.

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9 Billionaire’s Tips For Pinching Pennies And Being Thrifty

Who woulda thought the richest of the rich make up some of the cheapest people in the world?

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19 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Mad Men

The 60’s aren’t so old fashioned after all.

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Tricks, Treats and Fashion Week: The 10 Best Fall Events In Orlando

Soak up the fun before you have to switch out those tanks for tees.

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Things Young Entrepreneurs Don't Do

12 Things Twentysomething Entrepreneurs Literally Don’t Have Time For

They say time is money, which is why you will never find […]

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It’s National Video Game Day: Here Are 13 Ways Your Gaming Habit Is Making You A Better Employee

Do you even game, bro?

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21 Of The Most Wanderlust-Inducing Instagrams You Have To See To Believe

I hope you have your passport handy.

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17 Models Who Are Transforming The Fashion Industry (and your bullshit beauty standards)

Not to mention they look damn good doing it.

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5 Ways To Bulletproof Your Body For Success

Adam Lewis Walker offers 5 of his top tips to get your mind and body in shape.

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Don’t Let Your Dog Get Into These 11 Autumn Hazards

To celebrate National Dog Day, we wanted to make sure you’re prepared to protect your pooch.

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I Look Like An Engineer Because I Am One, Dammit!

We’re sure you saw the hashtags, but how much do you actually know about Isis Wenger, the woman who started it all?

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The Polluted Waters of Rio de Janeiro and 9 Other Olympic Scandals and Controversies

Stay with me here, because it’s a wild ride from start to finish.

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41 Ways To #MakeLifeBetter Using Only 3 Words

Netflix, Pizza, Naps.

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How Your Facebook Friends Could Actually Make or Break You Getting A Loan

Find out the details of the patent that has everybody talking.

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Are You Fit To Work At A Startup? 9 Things To Ask Yourself

The good, the bad and the ugly of this unconventional career path.

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27 Easy Ways to Become the Workplace Hero (hint: donuts)

Be the change you wish to see in the break room.

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Screw Sallie Mae, Volunteer Your Student Debt Away

Give a little, get a lot.

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Baltimore Nonprofit Just Created 8,000 Jobs Following Worst Riots Since The ’60s

“This is not just about a summer job.”

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23 Lessons You Can Steal From Grand Theft Auto To Start Your Empire

Get one step closer to turning your fantasy into reality.

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Say Hello To A New Kind Of Kid Aisle: Merging Marvel And Barbies

This is the start of something big.

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From Cadillacs To Choppers: 8 Dopest Uber Rides

There’s worse ways to commute to work.

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Let The Experts Decide: Is James Harrison Returning Son’s Trophies Good or Evil?

What does research have to say about the Instagram that has everyone talking?

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Here’s What 10 Of Your Favorite Entrepreneurs Are Reading Right Now

Grab a pen because you’re definitely gonna want to add each one of these to your summer reading list.

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7 Incredible Buildings You Never Knew Were Designed By Women

These ambitious ladies have certainly left their mark on the world. Click to see if one of these is in your city.

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29 Reasons Thinking Like A Pole Vaulter Will Make You More Productive

Adam Lewis Walker shares his top tips to be successful — pole vaulter or not!

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30 Refreshingly Easy Ways To Go Green

And it’ll save you some green, too.

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23 Terrible #StraightOutta Instagrams To Make You Want To Unfollow Life

You are about to witness the strength of street knowledge — and the exact opposite on your Instagram feed this month.

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9 CEO’s On How To Build An Empire Before You’re 35

Straight from the mouths of those in charge of your favorite brands.

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