Brett Burky’s Entrepreneurial Resources

Here is a list of resources for those that are wanting to […]

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My #1 Productivity Hack

I get asked this one question by nearly everyone I work with […]

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Ambitious Adventures TV Show

The Most Ambitious Week Ever

Ambitious Adventures goes live on July 11th!

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Nothing Beats A Great Story

What story are you telling about your business?

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Alexandra - By Invitation Only

Are You Inviting The Right People To Your Business?

Reading Alexandra Wilkis Wilson’s book, By Invitation Only is like meeting the girlfriend […]

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Sally Hogshead - Book Review

5 Ways You Can Be More Fascinating

Sally Hogshead has lead a life that is nothing short of fascinating. […]

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how the ambitious succeed faster

How To Change Your Life Faster And Furiously

You shouldn’t have patience to think things will just get better tomorrow. Things get better tomorrow when you act fast and furiously to make tomorrow better.

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Orlando Strong

Flying Back Home To #Orlando

I am #OrlandoStrong and will fight for my city, but it would be selfish to stop there.

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3 Simple Ways To Get More Media Coverage For Your Ambitious Business

I started my Monday morning today by being interviewed on the Dreamaholics […]

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Is The Hustle Worth It?

In this Ambitious Original, Greg Rollett challenges you to think about why you are working so hard and to look 20 years into the future at the regrets you will have in your life by not creating a business that supports your lifestyle instead of becoming your lifestyle.

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How to be more authentic

3 Quick Ways To Be More Authentic

When the world is telling you to fit in, how can you be more authentic?

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how to set and track business goals

11 Ways to Track Your Short and Long-Term Goals

We love setting goals. We even love dreaming and talking about accomplishing […]

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The Morning Rituals Of Young Entrepreneurs

10 Young Entrepreneurs Reveal The Morning Routine That Powers Them Through The Day

We talked to 10 members of the Young Entrepreneur Council to discover 3 things they do in the morning that give them enough energy to power through the day.

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you need to create a digital course

It’s Time You Created Your Own Digital Course

Come and get your piece of a $107 billion industry.

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how to execute on your business ideas

12 Simple Ways to Execute Your Newest Idea

What is the first thing you do when you want to execute […]

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how to be more productive

11 Ways To Escape Your Productivity Rut

What do you do when you aren’t feeling productive, but need to get something important done? We asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council for their best answers that help them get back on track and running their businesses.

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Episode 3: Why Entrepreneurs Need To Improve Education

In Episode 3 of Business and Bourbon, Greg goes solo and rants on why he believes the future of the world depends on providing access to education to empower the next generation of global entrepreneurs.

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Business And Bourbon Episode 2

Episode 2: Why Most Digital Training Courses Fail The Creator And The Buyer

In Episode 2 of Business & Bourbon, Greg Rollett and Los Silva break down the 3 essential skills you need to create a profitable digital training program or information product.

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are you a fish in a fish tank?

You Say You Want To Live A More Ambitious Life, Yet You Live Your Life Like A Fish In A Fish Tank

Most people live their life like a fish in a fish tank. […]

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15 Easy Ways to Incorporate Fitness Into Your Daily Routine

Part of living an Ambitious Life is being healthy enough to enjoy […]

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Business and Bourbon Episode 1 with Greg Rollett and Los Silva

Episode 1: The 3 Most Important Things To Focus On In Your Business

In Episode 1 of The Business And Bourbon Show, Los Silva and Greg Rollett share the 3 things every lifestyle entrepreneur needs to focus on in their business.

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Jesse Wolfe from O'Dang Hummus

This Young Entrepreneur Went From Farmers Market To Shark Tank To Whole Foods In Less Than Two Years

Watch how Jesse Wolfe, founder of O’Dang Hummus, got to pitch the sharks on Shark Tank and land big deals with supermarket chains for his brand of disruptive hummus.

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Top 10 Tampa Tattoo Shops

Finding the perfect spot to get your next tattoo can not only be […]

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Shout Out to Blogger Babes! 16 Twitter Chats to Find Your Creative Tribe

Are you hearing nothing but crickets on Twitter? Join one of these 16 communities to avoid talking to yourself on social media.

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12 foolproof ways to stay focused

12 Foolproof Habits for Staying Focused

We asked 12 members of the Young Entrepreneur Council how they stay focused when running their companies. This is what they had to say.

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Ambitious Advantage Episode 2: Deadpool

In this episode we learn a little something from the release of “Deadpool” in not sitting on an idea forever and also listening to your audience.

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fresh new voices on youtube

10 Ambitious YouTube Voices You Need To Pay Attention To Right Now

Ever listen to someone’s voice and wonder why the heck they weren’t as famous as they deserved to be?

Yeah, so have we and that’s why we’ve provided you with a list of some singers we wonder why we haven’t seen hit the mainstream yet. Here’s 10 YouTube singers that will keep you from doing anything productive this morning.

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Top 10 Tampa Coffee And Tea Spots To Chill And Restart Your Brain

Feeling like pulling your hair out over that presentation or paper you’ve been working on relentlessly at your kitchen table and wanting to slam your computer against the wall?  Been there.  We’ve all been there.  Lots.

Here’s 10 spots to break you out of that funk and get you back in the zone.

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Matthew Goldberg - Film Maker

Filmmaker Matthew Goldberg’s Unstoppable Ambition

This dude is just 25 and has his own film production company, curating his popular YouTube channel and showcasing his two WWE documentaries at the largest film festival in the world. Check out his story…

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downton abbey

14 Insanely Inspirational Life Lessons from Downton Abbey

Let’s take some time to remember all the quirks, sentiments and memories of the Downton estate as life lessons. Here’s 14 to help you pass the time before the season finale airs on March 6th.

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kick ass online women business owners

14 Women Kicking Ass And Selling Digital Products Online

Hey ladies, who doesn’t want to make money online? It beats going to a cubicle and putting on makeup every day, doesn’t it?

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startup founders from UCF

14 UCF Startup Founders That Will Make You Want To Drop Out And Start A Business

Being young (or in college) didn’t stop these entrepreneurs from putting it all on the line for their crazy ideas. Meet 14 UCF startup founders who skipped a party or 2 and built a BIG business instead.

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national cheat day

Now Datz What I Call A Cheat Day!

Who’s still going strong with their resolutions? We think all of your […]

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how to avoid i-4

Your Guide to Getting (The F*@!) Off I-4 and Using Orlando’s Hidden Backroads

I bet this morning you spilled your coffee during the stop and […]

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10 ambitious stories in orlando

10 Inspiring Orlando Stories That Will Make You Love This City

Tired of hearing only bad news in O-Town? Here are 10 stories about people triumphing in the face of adversity.


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i'm not a guru, but I'm thankful for what I have

What Happens When Success Is All Around You…But You’re Not There Yet?

Many of you think you should have made it by now. I […]

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live in another country in your 20's

20 Reasons Why You Should Live In Another Country in Your 20’s

Living in another country didn’t provide me with all the answers, but it exposed me to a different reality.

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Millennials Should Move To Miami

11 Reasons Why Milliennials Should Make Miami Home, Not Just a Spring Break Destination

Miami is one of the best, yet underrated places for millennials to live. Here’s 11 reasons why…

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10 new ambitious bars in orlando

10 Orlando Bars Where Getting Drunk Is Only Half The Fun

What if there were places we could go to enjoy carefully crafted cocktails within an environment that doesn’t require us to lose our voices by shouting nonsense into someone’s face from two feet away?

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Cheap Latin Eats In Orlando You Probably Never Knew Existed

Appetizing food doesn’t always have to be $14 a plate.

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beach bars tampa

Top 10 Beachside Bars In Tampa To Cool Off With A Frozen Cocktail

Feeling beach-y? These cocktails will bring you straight to the beach without getting you too sandy.

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wine orlando

10 Wine Bars That Are Sure To Leave You With A Taste Of Orlando

If you’re looking for something more than chugging Coors out of the side of a beer can, these wine bars should do the trick.

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best mexican tampa

10 Tampa Mexican Joints That Will Make Sure You Never Touch An Old El Paso Taco Box Again

Tacos, burritos, margaritas and guac… Who’s bringing the best in the Bay area?


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10 Orlando Wedding Boutiques That Will Make Every Lady & Gent Stand Out

Prepping for your wedding should be as exciting as you were on your first date. Here are 10 boutiques that guarantee simplicity and style.

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relationships and dating after tinder

A Tinder Addict’s Guide To Creating An Ambitious Relationship

When everyone is trying frantically to swipe right and swipe left to find a soul-mate, what happens when you actually find someone you want to keep?

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tampa vegan

The Best Vegan Options in Tampa and Exactly Where to Find Them

Whether you’re trying out Meatless Mondays as part of your New Year’s Resolution or you’ve been vegan for quite some time, there is a dish waiting for you.

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orlando gyms

These 10 Orlando Gyms Will Get Your Butt In Shape For The New Year

At any of these 10 gyms, you will be working out much more than your behind. Find the right one for you here and get out there!

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6 Easy Steps To Build Your Kick Ass Bonfire This Winter

Bonfires can be so much more interesting than getting drunk and staring at a fire as it ashes all over your new jeans.

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get off your phone and live your life

What The Hell, Bro?

Why you need to put the phone down and stop relying on happy hour to save your week.

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Top 10 Gastropubs In Tampa

These pubs do food and drink right. What more could you ask for?

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tampa dolphins

5 Almost Certain Ways to Spot Dolphins In The Bay Area

Want to see dolphins in their natural habitat but not sure where to go? Check these 5 places out to get the Instagram of your dreams.

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suneera madhani

Find Out How One “No” Led This Woman To Launch Orlando’s Biggest Tech Company

“I’m so glad that they didn’t want to have this as part of their program in their company. I went out and did it on my own because I consistently got a ‘no.’ So because of that no, that is why we’re here today.”

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oregon hike

10 Insanely Beautiful Oregon Hikes Even The Novice Can Enjoy

When in doubt, always go where the locals go. Here are 10 Oregon hikes that are 100% local-approved.

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How Buddy Brew Started A Coffee Revolution By Serving Up Happiness, One Cup At A Time

I couldn’t discern exactly why I found my first sip to be so profound. Apparently, I’m not alone in this initial reaction.

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tampa water bikes

Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Outdoor Activities In Tampa (hint: there’s a ton)

How to get off your ass and live adventurously in Tampa in one, simple listicle.

Read More's Top 10 Posts From 2015

The 10 Most Popular Posts Of 2015

Coffee, sushi, comedians, speakeasies, androgynous models and soccer goalies.

Sounds like one hell of an ambitious year to me.

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Check Off Your New Year’s Resolutions With Tampa’s 10 Best Running Events

10 races to get your body pumping and start 2016 right.


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This Company Is Basically The Uber Of Spa & Fitness And We’re Pretty Sure You’re Gonna Love It

Ian Vakil, founder of MassageClicks, talks starting his on-demand massage, yoga and facial company that is quickly taking the Southeast by storm.

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It’s Margarita Time! Tampa’s 10 Best Mexican Restaurants, Ranked

Sayonara drive-thrus and long-ass Chipotle lines. Prepare for Tampa’s 10 best Mexican spots, ranked by deliciousness.

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are you doing what everyone else is doing?

Doing What Everyone Else Does Is Killing Your Startup

During our conversation, I ask Chris, “why don’t you switch your business model? Why don’t you look at things with a different mindset and way of thinking about your relationship with your artists?”

Chris replied, “oh, we can’t do that.”

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29 ambitious leaders

29 Visionaries Reveal How To Make 2016 The Most Ambitious Year Of Your Life

We hand-picked 29 of our ambitious friends who have done everything from writing Best-Selling books to helping hundreds of thousands of people start businesses to getting millions of people healthy and even taking photos while traveling the globe to share the #1 thing you can do to make 2016 The Most Ambitious Year Of Your Life.

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best beach in tampa

10 Tampa Bay Beaches That Are Calling Your Name

You can’t say you’ve been to Tampa without going to these beaches.

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10 Ways To Not Be Dragged Down By Your Less Ambitious Friends

Friends don’t let friends feel guilty about their own success. Here’s how to be a better friend to those who don’t share your drive and how not to let them hold you back.

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Maureen Mikel from the 2nd Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

How You Can Help Feed 70,000 People In Orlando Year Round

Watch Maureen Mikel from the 2nd Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida talk about the ambitious things they do and how you can play a part in feeding more than 70,000 people year round.

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Lessons From Alex Nemo Hanse

7 Ambitious Lessons You Can Learn From Alex “Nemo” Hanse

Ever been in that weird place where you think you have a cool idea for something, but you’re not sure turn that idea into a reality?

Check out seven ambitious things you can learn right from the mouth of Foolies Clothing co-Founder Alex “Nemo” Hanse on how you can go from “just some guy with an idea” to upwardly mobile millennial.

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haunted tampa

10 Most Haunted Spots In Tampa And The Spooky Stories Behind Them

Tampa isn’t just beaches and sun. It has a dark side.

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A 20-Something’s Guide To St. Pete: 40 Epic Things To Do In The ‘Burg

The ultimate guide you never knew you needed but now refuse to travel without.

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how i met your mother

It’s Not HIMYM: 10 Things That Can Happen When You Move In With A Couple

It’s like living with your parents, but they’re comfortable enough to make-out in front of you.

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CliffsNotes For Every 2016 Presidential Candidate & Exactly What They Stand For

In one simple listicle for even the most politically-challenged individuals, we promise.

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Why Every 20-Something Needs To Learn To Love Sales

Ah, selling. From selling yourself on getting up off the couch to selling your friends on where to eat tonight or selling your boss to give you a raise, your ability to sell with determine your overall success in life.

Watch this new Ambitious video to fall in love with sales, even if you loathe the idea of cold calling or telemarketing or think sales is slimy and dirty.

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How One Guy’s Journey To Find His Purpose Led To A Viral Video And The Career Of His Dreams

“We’re not afraid to jump out of planes. We’re not afraid to go into space. We’re not afraid to do all these crazy things in life, but we are so afraid to look within ourselves. Why are we so scared?”

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tampa bay

Relocating In Tampa? Here Are 15 Neighborhoods Worth Exploring

Finding a place to love doesn’t have to be hard, especially with these neighborhoods that all something unique to offer.

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naked and afraid

Why You Need To Get ‘Naked and Afraid’ In The Florida Woods

Getting to know this reality show contestant who beared it all on national TV is like having a chat with nature. Soak it up.

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Every 20-Something Need To Create These 3 Hobbies

As you coast through your 20’s, how many of these 3 lifelong hobbies are you developing? How many do you need to find and create right now?

Find out in this new Ambitious Video from Greg Rollett.

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Will your 30-year old self thank you or hate you?

Will Your 30-Year Old Self Thank You Or Hate You?

What are you doing today to make sure that your 30-year old self will say thank you instead of “what the hell were you thinking.”

New video from Greg Rollett gives you some clues on how to plant the seeds today for a better life tomorrow.

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gasparilla pirate fest

10 Reasons We’re Stoked For Gasparilla, Tampa’s Biggest Party Of The Year

Land Ho! Here are 10 ways to prepare for the biggest invasion of the year.

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10 Luxury Hotels In Tampa You Won’t Believe Are Under $200 A Night

Luxury doesn’t have to equal expensive. You just have to look hard enough.

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taylor jackson photo

Find Out Which Photographer Is Traveling The World To Make Your New Favorite TV Show

“You’re probably never going to find your dream job, you just have to make it.”

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musicians guide

7 Things Every Rockstar Looking To Take Over The World Absolutely Needs To Know

“It’s not going to be easy. Nothing worth having ever is.”

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how to save money

10 Ways For 20-Somethings To Start Living Within Your Means

So essentially, that money you just threw at the bartender for another shitty light beer is your time and energy spent, and you’re going to dispose of half that beer in the urinal in about ten minutes.

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The Ultimate Guide To Tampa Bay’s Best Holiday Festivities

I’d leave your hard shell jackets at home. You don’t want heatstroke.

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15 Events That Prove Orlando Doesn’t Suck During The Holidays

We may have palm trees & sunshine, but that doesn’t mean we don’t make it snow in December.

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dustin williams

From Fitness Success To Hollywood Press, This Guy Is On The Track To Being The Next Tim Ferriss

15 hour work days have more than paid off for Dustin Williams, a fitness guru, member of the CW Network and Emmy Award winning producer. What doesn’t this dude do?

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best desserts in tampa

Tampa’s 15 Best Desserts And Exactly Where To Find Them

Have your cake and eat it too at these 10 Tampa restaurants, who serve up some of the most delicious desserts in the Southeast.

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Adil Amarsi

Here’s How One U.K. Native Writes, Fights and Tells Jokes For A Living (and that’s not even the half of it)

Oh and his biggest influence? Billy freaking Mays.

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5 Foolproof Ways To Go From An Employee To A Full Time Entrepreneur

“You are going to experience the lowest of lows, but also the highest of the highs and through the whole roller coaster, you must have faith it will work.”

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Happy hour is not the highlight of your life

Happy Hour Should Not Be The Highlight Of Your Week

Watch this new video from Greg Rollett to find a way to live more ambitiously and not let happy hour be the best part of your week.

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10 Reasons Tampa International Airport Is The Coolest One In America

The Tampa Airport goes above and beyond chain restaurants, shitty bars and overpriced shoe shines. Find out the 10 most underrated parts of this ‘port.

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This Just In: Champagne Can Actually Help Your Brain. 10 Bubbly Recipes To Celebrate

Drinking 1-3 glasses of champagne a week is now proven to improve your memory. Need I say more? Bottoms up!

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Forema Boutique

Forema’s Free Spirit Formula For Making Orlando Beautiful

“The passion for fashion doesn’t mean you love one specific style. I think when you love fashion, you love the idea that style is always evolving and changing.”

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Meet Emily Kopp

Why Emily Kopp Will Never Stop Chasing Streetlights (and her dreams)

In this episode of #howtheydidit you’ll meet Orlando musician Emily Kopp and hear how she went from interning at the Plaza Theatre to touring the country and setting off on her next ambitious adventure – backpacking across the world.

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10 Best Cafes In Tampa For Every Mood You Could Be In

Happy, sad, excited or exhausted — these 10 local cafes have got a remedy for you.

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should you start a podcast

Why Every 20-Something Needs To Start A Podcast

Podcasting is “so hot” right now. But should you start one? Let Vernon Foster tell you why you need to get a Podcast launched to help your career, your network and help you to live a more ambitious life.

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date ideas tampa

40 Awesome Date Ideas You’ll Actually Want To Do In Tampa

O.K., no more excuses for the same old Saturday nights on the couch or lazy Sunday mornings.

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10 Life Lessons I Learned From Writing My First Book

My hope is that you can take what I learned and use it to turn your dreams into reality.

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tampa brunch

Top 10 Brunch Restaurants In Tampa, Ranked


Have the “Brunchies?” No worries, here are some of Tampa’s Best Bruncheries.

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Listen Up: 15 Radio Shows and Podcasts To Ease That Work Commute

It’s not your grandparents’ favorite form of entertainment anymore.


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20 Dog Friendly Restaurants In Tampa You Can Dine With Your K-9


Don’t pub crawl this weekend. Grab your dog and make it a pup crawl.

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15 Top Tampa Restaurants You Had No Idea You Could Order For Delivery

And you’re still ordering Domino’s for the 3rd time this week because…?

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