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Alexandra - By Invitation Only
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Written by: Annette Lilly | June 23

Reading Alexandra Wilkis Wilson’s book, By Invitation Only is like meeting the girlfriend you wish moved in next door to you. The tone of the book is an honest and transparent reflection of her entrepreneurship journey. While feeling ironic, it shouldn’t be that the book felt like an invitation to an awesome business party.  She explained in a simple way that the primary branding strategy that got them started was speed. So it’s only appropriate to sum it up in three steps.

Ambitious Alexandra Tips

After the launch of the Gilt Groupe business, “lunch on the east coast – breakfast on the west – would never be the same”.

Her book, By Invitation Only, is filled with an array of awesome checklists to get you started on qualifying your business and the opportunity offer yourself some honest feedback on your choices. 

Take these checklist topics for example: 

  • Is This Risk A Good Risk? 
  • The Business Partner Interview.  
  • How Do I Know I Have The Right Idea For The Right Time? 
  • Rules For Growing And Maintaining Your Network
  • Does Your Business Have the Potential To Be Viral? 
  • How To Maintain Company Culture As Your Business Scales
  • and More.

Nick Beim, a Series A investor of Gilt Groupe told Alexandra, “More than anything, I seek to invest in incredibly talented, creative and ambitious people who think they can achieve great things.” 

Does this sound like you? I bet it does. Keep moving forward on your ambitious journey and you will be well on your way. 

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