The Best Of Orlando Brewing Company’s Seasonal Beers

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Written by: Kimberlee Bochek | September 28

Fall is upon us, folks. 

Aside from the leaves changing colors and people rocking sweaters instead of shorts (one of the many perks of living in Florida), this means that the beer aisle will be changing as well.

The flavors become bolder, spicier and definitely more tasty, but be warned: you’re about to see pumpkin flavoring shoved into anything and everything.

Instead of just taking a chance with whichever 6 packs’ packaging looks the least (or most) like a jack o’lantern when trying to fulfill that craving for a great beer, we wanted to give you some solid advice straight from the experts at Orlando Brewing Company on their seasonal beer selection.

Photo by Kimberlee Bochek

Photo by Kimberlee Bochek

This brewery is significant for multiple reasons, but the one I found most interesting is the fact that Orlando Brewing is Florida’s only USDA certified organic brewery (!!!)

Their beer is made with only four simple ingredients: water, hops, yeast and malted barley – no adjuncts or additives (aside from the Violator Series, which deviates from this model). As I toured the facilities, I was beyond impressed with how much beer they crank out at a time, and all at such a high quality.

Photo by Kimberlee Bochek

Photo by Kimberlee Bochek



Photo by Kimberlee Bochek


Photo by Kimberlee Bochek

Photo by Kimberlee Bochek

I had the chance to sit down with Orlando Brewing’s publicist, Mary McGinn, to get an expert opinion on the perfect beer to pair with 7 fall scenarios that I’m sure you’ll find yourself in before winter.

Here’s what the beer guru had to say:

Photo by Kimberlee Bochek

Photo by Kimberlee Bochek

So. You’re at home greeting trick-or-treaters all night long. What beer do you sip on?

The Grateful Pumpkin Ale, especially since it’s Halloween! [pictured in the growler above]

After a long day of pumpkin picking, what beer would be the most refreshing?

Our Miami Weiss, it’s a light wheat lager and so thirst quenching.

What beer pairs perfectly with a night in and a scary movie?

The Papa Midnight Imperial Stout, it has flavors like coconut and vanilla added in with dark chocolate.

What craft beer would you drink at a fall outdoor concert?

The Right On Red! Ale.

You’re out watching a football game, which beer is best to sip during the big game?

I’d say either the Magic Pils to get the biggest bang for your buck for a light beer (6.8% ABV) or Pompous Ass IPA (7.5% ABV), that ones a little more bitter, but they’re both delicious.

What beer would you want to enjoy on a cool night by the campfire?

The Chocolate Mint Girl Stout (Available on 11/21/2015).

And, what’s the best beer to celebrate Oktoberfest with?

Our Oktoberfest beer, duh!


Photo by Kimberlee Bochek

A complete fall beer guide of the most delicious seasonal brews in Orlando, that also happen to be organic?

I’ll cheers to that.

Check out Orlando Brewing Company’s website or their Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date with events, tours or tastings. They host free tours every Monday-Saturday at 6 P.M., it’s definitely worth the trip.

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