7 Incredible Buildings You Never Knew Were Designed By Women

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Written by: Paige Watts | August 14

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In the constant struggle for gender equality in the workplace, women in architecture are still largely over looked. Even in husband-wife architectural duos, the wives have routinely been excluded from the awards.

Despite these setbacks, badass women are still helping to create some of the most magnificent buildings in the world.

Here are 7 unique buildings women have contributed to the world’s skylines:

1. Atlantis Condominium

Miami, 1982

Architect: Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk

This housing complex represents the photogenic nature of Arquitectonica’s work and has been featured in the opening credits of Miami Vice.


2. Library of Birmingham

Birmingham, England, 2013

Architect: Francine Houben

The library adds a modern flair amid the concrete and sandstone buildings of Palazzos Centenary Square.


3. Red Bull Music Academy

Madrid, Spain, 2011

Architect: Mariá Langarita

Using an existing space in an industrial district, Langarita and her team created a venue appropriate for the recording and the personality of the music academy.


4. The New Museum of Contemporary Art

NYC, 2007

Architect: Kazuyo Sejima

The simple box design compliments rather than competes against the art presented inside.


5. Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre

Baku, Azerbaijan, 2013

Architect: Zaha Hadid

This building’s fluid design is a contemporary interpretation of the historic Islamic architecture of the region.


6. Stonehenge Visitor Center

Wiltshire, England, 2013

Architect: Angela Dapper

The building’s irregular columns reflect the historic site, but the building is located far enough away that it does not detract from visitors’ visual experience of Stonehenge.


7. Aqua Tower

Chicago, 2010

Architect: Jeanne Gang

At 82 stories, the Aqua Tower is the world’s tallest female-designed skyscraper.


Have any more to add to the list? Leave the names of more ambitious female architects in the comments!

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