7 Reasons New Hampshire Is The Most Overlooked Summer Travel Destination

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Written by: Cheryl Slayton | June 24



New England isn’t for sissies anymore. Forget about clam bakes, presidential statues and history museums. With the slogan “Live Free or Die,” New Hampshire is known for being the most badass state on the East Coast. When the snow melts, it becomes a veritable playground for troublemakers and adventurers just like you.

7 reasons new hampshire is the most overlooked


Here are 7 reasons New Hampshire is the most overlooked summer travel destination:

Ride Free

There is a reason why this New England state has more registered motorcycle riders than any other state in the country. With no helmet laws and killer roadways, like the Kancamagus Highway in the White Mountains or the Ocean Ave. seaside trail, it’s easy to see why the biker community lives by their own creed, “Live Free and Ride.”

Go Coastal

I bet you didn’t even know New Hampshire had a coastline. Sure, sure, California’s a great place to surg. And I’ve heard Florida’s pretty great too, until you factor in the recent shark attacks, rip tides and obnoxious crowds of tourists and wannabe celebrities. With more modest breaks and waves, the New England coast is the perfect place to improve your technique. Go to Summer Sessions.

Get Your Summer Ski Lodge On

Ranger mountain tours, archery practice, zip lining, oh my! By winter, New Hampshire is a haven for ski enthusiasts. By summer, the state’s ski resorts magically morph into adventure parks where you can have all the redneck 4×4 fun you could ask for, all while taking in the scenic views of Mount Washington.

For more information, check out Mount Washington Bretton Woods, Wildcat Mountain, or Attitash Mountain Resort.

Celebrate the Big Bang

Ask any New Englander and they’ll tell you the Atlas PyroVision show is the most technicolor fun you can have sober. The best part is that you don’t have to fight off the rowdy 4th of July crowd to enjoy the show. The state-of-the-art fireworks display takes place mid August. For more information, check out AtlasPyro.

Enjoy the High Life

Nope, this isn’t Colorado. I’m talking about getting high on-foot by hiking New Hampshire’s prized Presidential Range. Each peak is a life-lister by itself, but put them all together, including the 6,288-foot Mount Washington, and you’ve earned yourself hiker bragging rights for eternity. The best part is the AMC Mountain Huts that let you hike peak-to-peak while you rest up at night and share a meal with fellow hiker folks.

Get a Change of Scenery

It’s one thing to take a hot air balloon ride on your Disney vacation with a beach-full of bikini-clad tourists waving back at you from 2,000 feet. It’s quite another thing to ride in a balloon that hovers above a landscape any East Coaster swear will beat the Rockies view, 10 to 1. To book your own ride, check out High 5 Ballooning.

Paddle By the Light of the Moon

The paddleboard yoga craze has brought whole new meaning to the word “show-off.” Why not take it to the next level by adding a moonlight view to the mix? There’s no way the dim light of sundown combined with a mountain backdrop won’t put a little extra zen in your Vinyasa. Check out Full Moon Yoga for more information.

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Cheryl Slayton

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