12 Things Twentysomething Entrepreneurs Literally Don’t Have Time For

Things Young Entrepreneurs Don't Do
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Written by: Greg Rollett | September 17

They say time is money, which is why you will never find an ambitious twentysomething entrepreneur doing anything that takes them away from their mission.

Here are 12 things you won’t catch a young person on a mission doing that you might want to stop doing too…

Photo by Jose M

Photo by Jose M

1. Playing Small Ball

Twenty something entrepreneurs are building companies like SnapChat and joining the billionaires club. Read 2 books, Bold and Abundance to start thinking like a 20-something visionary.

Photo by Michael Tapp

Photo by Michael Tapp

2. Happy Hour Networking Events

These are where the little guys play, while the high performers are out making deals and changing the world.

Stop Going To Meetings

photo by reynermedia

3. Meetings

Meetings should only exist to solve problems. If there is no problem, there is no meeting.

stop checking voicemail

4. Checking Voicemails

Caller ID. Texts. Email. Why bother listening to someone tell you to call them back?

Don't let people pick your brain

photo by Vox Efx

5. Coffee So You Can Pick My Brain

It’s not that we don’t love giving people advice, it’s just that when you didn’t pay me to give you advice, you tend to do nothing with it but waste my time over a latte I could have been having with an actual prospect or client.

stop mowing the lawn

photo by woodleywonderworks

6. Chores You Did In High School

Your time is money. If you and your business are now worth $50/hr or more, you must stop doing $10/hr tasks like laundry and mowing the lawn. Better yet, help a kid in your neighborhood start their own lawn or pool business by being their first customer.

photo by Juli

photo by Juli

7. Worrying About NDA’s Or People Stealing Your Ideas

Here’s the cool thing about being an entrepreneur. You are crazy and get stuff done. The rest of the world loves your idea but would rather watch Netflix than doing anything to make it come alive.

stop checking your phone

photo by Mr.TinDC

8. Phone Alerts And Push Notifications

Gloria Mark of the University of California, Irvine found that it takes 25 minutes to get back on track after a distraction. Turn the damn notifications, buzzes and texts off if you really want to get stuff done.

sorry Seacrest

photo by Jorge Quinteros

9. Listening To Seacrest To Find The Next Pop Icon

Sorry Ryan, but the ultra successful twenty something entrepreneurs are turning off the radio, closing down iTunes and listening to Podcasts, listening to Audiobooks and honing their skills in the car, at the gym or while killing time between meetings.

why are you posting success quotes?

10. Posting Quote Cards

Sure they get a few likes and shares, but we are growing a business, not a fan club.

photo by lovely lemur

photo by lovely lemur

11. Fast Food

Business might be #1, but we understand that we must treat ourselves like Elite Athletes. That means you don’t cheat lunch and eat at Taco Bell.

we don't wait in lines

photo by Elvert Barnes

12. Waiting In Line

Use Go Butler to get stuff sent to you. Uber at the airport. Call ahead, everywhere. Make reservations, or better yet, make your virtual assistant make reservations for you. Your mission is too powerful to wait in line as if picking up your dry cleaning gives you the same rewards as waiting for Space Mountain.

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