10 Up-and-Coming Female Comedians That Give Amy Schumer A Run For Her Funny

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Written by: Erin Johnson | August 11

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I bring to you, 10 female comedians who will make you LOL in public like it’s normal.

You may or may not have seen them before, but you will soon enough because they’re blowing up the scene. I’m not going to bog you down with their bios or history, you can visit their sites or Wiki pages for that.

Here are 10 female comedians you’ve maybe never heard of, but now you definitely won’t forget:

1. Cristela Alonzo; San Juan,TX

She’s got skills: Her demeanor commands attention on stage. She’s loud, animated, and real. Nothing is off-limits, including her mother, her religion, her weight or her culture. Her sometimes colorful language is as vibrant as she is, and she has no apologies for either.

That’s what she said: “No big deal, I just lost like 30 lbs. Like what? I know, I know! All I had to do was change my weight to the metric system.  I nailed it!”

Go ahead, check her out: cristelaalonzo.com


2. Taylor Tomlinson; Southern California 

She’s got skills: Her style is casual, her humor is sarcastic, and her face is expressive. She’s calm, cool, and collected, and puts you into a trance right away.  She’s not afraid to be real, yet she doesn’t need to be foul to shock you.

That’s what she said: “You are not impressing us with your fidelity guys, alright? Not at all! You turn down the option of other people? We’re women, we have that option all the time. Do you understand how easy it is to drum up business? All I have to do is raise my hand in a Walmart or uncross my legs in a Denny’s, and we are open for business! Yeah, I got your Grand Slam right here!”

Go ahead, check her out: ttomcomedy.com


3. Lori Palminteri; Long Island, NY

She’s got skills: Her command of the stage is quiet, yet deliberate. She stalks you, moving in slowly and then going in for the kill. Her calmness lulls you in and then her punch line crashes upon you. She has a never-ending supply of crazy antics.

That’s what she said: “I thought when I moved, my life would be a little bit like the television show Friends. I didn’t think it’d be a lot like the show Friends, I just… thought that I would have friends.”

Go ahead, check her out: loripalminteri.com


4. Beth Stelling; Chicago, IL

She’s got skills: She has a charming smile, is seemingly reserved, and has a calculated method of mocking. She loves to mispronounce words, pause and make faces for emphasis, and make fun of herself. She gradually sweet talks you into to laughing at other people.

That’s what she said:  “I love sweets, like chocolate, cookies, candy, cup… people call me Sweet Beth. So that’s just gr… One person calls me that, so… It was me. I just did it.  Um…”

Go ahead, check her out: www.sweetbeth.com


5. Esther Povitsky; L.A.

She’s got skills: Her baby face, soft and sweet voice, and sassy attitude soothe you and leave you wanting more. She makes fun of herself, her family and her religion in a way that makes you laugh at her and then embrace her.

That’s what she said: “All my married friends always accuse me of being cheap because I never wanna go out and do stuff. They’re like, ‘Let’s go get manicures.’ And I’m like, ‘I can’t afford a manicure. O.K.? You’re married; you have a double income. O.K.?  When you’re married it’s just like everything is 50% off all the time.’”

Go ahead, check her out: youtube.com/user/QueenEstherLauren


6. Emma Arnold; Idaho

She’s got skills: Her humor is perverse and she is perverted. She describes herself as Wendy, leading the lost boys. Her sets stand out from the boys’ because she’s outspoken and isn’t afraid to be a little “TMI.”

That’s what she said: “…I have six kids. Yeah. Who else here has six kids?  Nobody, cuz that’s stupid. Nobody here has six kids. Why would you do that to you?  What? Stupid. I, actually, I have three kids of my own and then I have three step kids, who I like a lot more for not wrecking my taint when they came out.”

Go ahead, check her out: emmaarnoldcomedy.com


7. Megan Amram; Oregon

She’s got skills: Her smile is contagious and she disarms you with her peppy cheerleader meets sultry vixen tone. She excels with parodies, satire and sarcasm, with ever-so-slight condescension and self-deprecation. She leaves you hanging on her every, very purposefully annunciated, word.

That’s what she said: “Sexiest molecules: if you look at them under a mi-cro-scope, which is a thing, um, you can see that some molecules actually look like sexy ladies. Like water, H2O, um, actually looks like a lady with her legs splayed, in yoga pants. So, uh, I found that to be very scientific.”

Go ahead, check her out: http://meganamram.tumblr.com/


8. Jenny Zigrino; L.A.

She’s got skills: Her retro style is enticing and her modern feminism is refreshing. She is in charge, bold, and willing to bear her soul. She’s self-deprecating and at the same time she’s empowered. Her energetic presence makes you ready to laugh before she says a single word.

What she said: [On being in her twenties] “It’s amazing, because I don’t care anymore. It’s perfect. You think I’m stupid? I don’t care! You think I’m lazy?  I. Don’t. Care! You don’t think I’m pretty? Why? Why don’t you think I’m pretty?”

Go ahead, check her out: jennyzigrino.com


9. Stephanie Lochbihler; Indiana

She’s got skills: She has a bubbly, yet snarky personality and is totally sincere with her observations. She humorously deals with her real-life issues, and it makes you feel better about yours.

That’s what she said: “It was hard for me to adjust to, like, the non-partying lifestyle. Like, my son will be passed out asleep and it takes a LOT for me not to draw on his forehead with a permanent marker.”

Go ahead, check her out: twitter.com/stephaniecomedy


10. Maeret Lemons; Kansas

She’s got skills: She is an amusing mix of brash and crude. Your attention is hers when she’s her spinning her jokes and catching you with her hooks. She is a comedian’s take on a vociferous lush.

That’s what she said: “Oh, bad decisions, yeah. I don’t have much to show for ‘em, but I do have, drum roll please, I got an STD. Yeah, yeah… he’s gonna be 7 this fall. He’s here tonight. Ladies and gentleman, meet my son! I’m kidding… He’s in the car!”

Go ahead, check her out: maeret.com or KCStandup.com


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