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Written by: Greg Rollett | December 31

When we launched back in July, we had grand ambitions. We still do. In fact they are bigger than ever. In January you will see us launch our clothing line, an Academy for those wanting to go deeper into how they can build an ambitious life, as well as our Ambitious Guide To Orlando going to print with Celebrity Press.

And that’s just in the next 30 days.

Closing out 2015 brings about bittersweet memories of building a team, working with incredible writers and testing content ideas that were both unproven and unpopular among millennials.

Here are the best of the best based on ambitious people like you coming to the site, reading and sharing and most importantly taking action to live a more ambitious life.

1. Meet Ashlyn Harris, Team USA’s Goalie Who Is Saving More Than Penalty Kicks

Erin Johnson got to kick it, literally, with Women’s National Team and Orlando Pride Goalie Ashlyn Harris. They talked soccer, why people are scared to talk about mental health and making her life mean something on and off the field.

2. 17 Models Who Are Transforming The Fashion Industry

From models with Downs Syndrome to the androgynous and models of all shapes, sizes and colors, 2015 was the year that we decided you don’t need to be a size 0 to hit the runway and make an impact in the ever changing fashion world. Take a good look at the new face of fashion by meeting these 17 models that don’t give a shit about what you think a model should look like.

3. 13 Awesome Sushi Spots You Need To Know About In Orlando

Because, um, who doesn’t love sushi? And those that love sushi are always looking for the next spot. Be sure to check out Sushi Pop or cast your vote for your favorite in the comments and let us know who is going to be the sushi king of Orlando in 2016.

4. 7 Secret Orlando Speakeasies And How To Get Into Them

In 2015, we saw the rise of craft cocktails and putting on a sports coat again, even if the temperatures in late December are still approaching 90 degrees. One of the reasons? Speakeasies. With at least 1 new speakeasy rumored to be coming to Disney Springs and another downtown in 2016, it looks like this trend isn’t going anywhere and we couldn’t be more stoked.

5. 10 Up and Coming Female Comedians That Give Amy Schumer A Run For Her Funny

2015 was the year of the Schu, but comedy’s hottest thing walking needs to stay on top of her game with Taylor Tomlinson, Lori Palminteri, Megan Amram and their 7 other female cohorts coming to take the crown.

6. 10 Best Nightclubs In Orlando, Ranked

Do people still go to nightclubs? Apparently you do as evident by making this #6 on the list for 2015. From the best bass at The Beachum to the most fun over at The Patio, Orlando is full of loud music, bottle service and regretful mornings.

7. The 30 Best Orlando Vegan Restaurants

Who even knew there were 30 Vegan Restaurants in Orlando? Allison Jara did and she came through for all you non animal byproduct eaters in Orlando.

8. The 10 Coffee Spots Every Orlandoan Needs To Know About

No need for any red cup drama in Orlando when you have the Drunken Monkey, Lineage Coffee Roasting and Vespr grinding the beans and brewing fresh, quality coffee to start your ambitious mornings. Did you favorite spot make the list? Let us know what coffee houses we need to park our laptop in for 2016.

9. A 20-Somethings Guide To St Pete: 40 Epic Things To Do In The ‘Burg

St. Pete isn’t just a pretty beach town between the Scientologists in Clearwater and the cool kids in Tampa. Jeffrey Previte showed everyone just how epic St. Pete is and why we will be making frequent road trips to the ‘Burg in 2016.

10. Meet Troy Williams, Building A Real Estate Empire In His 20’s

If 2014 was practice and 2015 was your warm-up, then 2016 is going to be your breakout season. Reading the Troy Williams story will inspire you to do more and achieve more this year no matter what business you find yourself in. Learn from Troy and all our #AmbitiousHumans how you can make 2016 the most ambitious year of your life.

So there you have it. The top 10 from 2015. 

What was your favorite? Did it make the list?

Let us know what you want more of in 2016 to make it your most ambitious year ever.

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